At Pirate's Cove in Rye

As the weather forecast calls for more “wintry mix” and March is just around the corner, it’s important to remember that summer will be back here in the seacoast someday.  It’s almost hard to imagine with all the snow and salty slush still on the ground that it ever gets warm enough to enjoy a dip in the ocean here in New Hampshire.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that more exciting weather and conditions are on their way, despite my love and appreciation for winter.  This shot was taken at sunset in Rye, New Hampshire at Pirate’s Cove beach.  No matter what the season, I always love visiting this little slice of oceanfront thanks to its accessibility, beauty, and horizon.

Rolling Waves at Rye Beach

As summer vacations come to a close, I wanted to capture the essence one of the things that makes the summers so mesmerizing.  I can remember as a little kid being fascinated by the ocean and the non stop waves that kept rolling onto shore.  The late afternoon sun at Pirates Cove in Rye together with the clear crisp water made for a perfect representation of the ocean water, one of summer’s purest elements.

Reflections on the Beach

If you’ve been a regular visitor, you know that it’s rare that I feature people or animals….this particular afternoon at the beach, I couldn’t help but admire the simple beauty of the happy dog running in the sand in the ridiculously nice afternoon light.  The reflections of the water and the snow on the rooftops add a context to an otherwise typical beach scene…and something I never make the time to appreciate.  Sometimes it’s nice to make exceptions! (Be sure to check this one out in large format by clicking the image…you can see just how crisp that doggie is against the water and the blue sky/water)

Sunset at the Beach

As Hurricane Earl heads up the Atlantic coastline – I thought I’d head to the beach to see what the waves were looking like (with all the talk about closing beaches, I figured it might be worth a visit).  The waves were definitely churning powerfully – but they really weren’t anything too remarkable.

What I did find was a gorgeous sky, a nice cool breeze coming off the water, a thin fog, and a ton of people (& their dogs) enjoying being at the ocean on a summer night.