Cupcakes Assorted | Popovers

If you’re a dessert lover, you owe it to yourself to pay Popovers a visit.  During my last stop in for a treat on the weekend…I was lucky to have the Hasselblad demo with me, capturing all of the deliciousness that’s trapped inside these cupcakes. I love the depth of field in this shot (which is straight out of the camera with no additional processing).  The quality of the camera was truly amazing, and the cupcakes looked truly tempting.  For only $1.95 you can find out for yourself…but I’m usually a sucker for a chocolate mousse cup or a chocolate covered macaroon.

Congress Street Fountain

The Congress Street fountain is now up and running for the season….but the photo above was taken a few days before the wood cover was removed.  With the warmer weather, I don’t think I’ll catch this part of town this quiet for a long time.  With more people come more shenanigans too…I happened to be walking by this past weekend where someone must have had some fun and filled the fountain with something causing some entertaining foamy bubbles.  The fountain was shut down – anyone catch the fountain making bubbles while it was still on??

I didn’t have my tripod with me when this shot was taken – so I had to improvise and use one of the granite posts to stabilize.  I like how it gives the scene some extra depth and a bit of a different feel than my usual shot.

The Daily Portsmouth Turns 1 | Evening Sun on Congress Street

Today marks the 1-year anniversary of the first post at The Daily Portsmouth.  I wasn’t sure that the site would ever reach its first birthday, but I’m here today to happily report that my baby has turned 1!  Thanks to everyone for your continued support and interest in the site – your great feedback  and excitement has helped keep me going every day – and I look forward to the next 365 days of documenting life in Portsmouth.  Thanks for visiting and I hope you keep coming back for more!  It’s been an honor and a privilege to plug into the seacoast’s thriving arts community.

Today’s shot features the Popovers’ building at the corner of Church Street and Congress Street, basking in the early evening sun.  Another take on a familiar spot, the “brick” walkways are fading in the foreground as more foot/car traffic has worn off the red paint – and the new brick of the building at 6-16 Congress Street glows in the sun flare. The chairs are ready for the warmer weather and spring guests, but it was a bit too cold on this evening for anyone to brave the weather.  Rumor has it that the weekend is supposed to be GORGEOUS.  Below is the first shot ever posted here at the site; I hope that in one year’s time I can look back and say that I continued to improve on producing great images.

A View Down Congress Street

Here is another view of Congress Street from the High Street intersection.  As I’ve posted in the past, this building has replaced the former Eagle Photo Supply building and some older structures.  This building was finished back in 2006, and was one of the first major redevelopments of the downtown Portsmouth area…followed by the Portwalk Place project currently underway, and the Martingale Wharf building still under construction.  The building is now occupied by Popovers, River Run Books, Life Is Good, Helene M., Olde Port Properties, and I’m sure more that I’ve missed.

Below is a rendering of the project before it was started, as found on the Tangram 3DS website:

A Congress Street Evening | Market Square

Here’s a view of Market Square and Congress Street from in front of the “Popovers Building” and next to the North Church.  The new building at 6-16 Congress Street was built in the middle of the last decade, opening sometime around 2006/2007.  The building’s varied brick exterior certainly blends in with its surroundings, and has been a vibrant addition to the business offerings of Congress Street, including River Run Bookstore, Popovers on the Square, Olde Port Properties, Life is Good..etc. etc.  (As well as some residential condos).

I’ll feature more of the building itself in the future…but for today I wanted to share the brooding sky and the steeple with Breaking New Grounds looming in the distance.  I must admit though, I miss Eagle Photo being located in the very spot where Popovers sits…it would be so convenient to buy photo gear…oh well, at least the tables and chairs will soon be out and occupied in the warmer weather!

Be sure to click on the image to see this one in a larger size.

During & After the Snow

In keeping with yesterday’s post, here are a couple fun shots from yesterday’s heavy snow storm.  Above you can see the reflection of Market Street and the North Church in the glass of the storefront, along with some folks enjoying a stroll in the storm.  Below you can see the moody sky after the snow quieted down for the night, as seen from my 2nd story window.