The Daily Portsmouth on 207

Here is the video in all its glory!  Many thanks to the team at WCSH and especially to Brett Whitmarsh for reaching out and giving me the opportunity!

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL SPOT AS IT AIRED ON WCSH, including the introduction and closing!

The Daily Portsmouth Airs Tonight on 207 & The Bomb Scare

Thanks for checking in today at The Daily Portsmouth!  I’d like to encourage you to tune in to WCSH Channel 6 tonight (May 7th) to see the spot on 207 – airing at 7pm.  I can’t wait to see how the program came out, it was a pleasure spending an afternoon strolling around Portsmouth with the team a couple weeks back. I’ll post a link to the website once the spot has been uploaded.  Lots of exciting things happening surrounding The Daily Portsmouth lately – more details in the coming weeks!

Portsmouth saw a lot of excitement today as a Greyhound Bus was surrounded after a standoff began around 11:30 – with the sole individual refusing to get off the bus until 8:36.  Not wanting to get too close, I thought I’d share a few shots from the evening snapped from the secure border of the scene.  There were a ridiculous amount of organizations involved in securing the area around the bus on Hanover Street, and everything was very well organized and coordinated.  Thankfully it appears to have ended with a photo of a guy getting off of a bus and nothing actually exploding….more details to follow I’m sure…