Newspaper | Herakut Street AKA Museum

As I’ve written before, I’ve enjoyed the dialogue that has erupted in town over the Portsmouth Museum of Art’s Street AKA Museum exhibit currently in the museum and adorning building walls throughout town.

I noticed recently that the piece by Herakut on State Street (the one that features a man reading a newspaper along with a little girl) was created with an authentic Wall Street Journal, and that the paper has begun to peel away from the wall.  The textures of the newspaper along with the painted wall and drawing made for a fascinating shot, one that I chose to present in black & white to focus on the textures itself instead of the vibrant colors of the scene. I’ll be interested to see what happens in another month when the exhibit is scheduled to close….which pieces will stay, which will go?

Bumblebee at Kaffee Vonsolln | Street AKA Museum

This little number is in the doorway of Kaffee Vonsolln on Daniel Street just across from the Post Office.  Interesting piece, with rather grumbly looking girl and a jump rope getting stung by a swarm of bees (in all fairness, I’d probably be pretty grumbly too). This one’s cool with all the various reflections playing off the windows…plus you can go check it out and grab a cup of coffee.

Courtesy of Herakut | Street AKA Museum

Herakut has some impressive pieces in town as part of the current Portsmouth Museum of Art exhibit guest curated by Beau Basse.  You’ve seen a previous installation in “Sitting on State Street” where their fascinating technique features actual newspapers, some photorealistic faces and some traditional feeling street art. A tremendous congratulations the the Museum and the artists for a fantastic packed-house opening night and some awesome exhibits – which have definitely generated some interesting conversations around town!

Shark Toof | Street AKA Museum

This week’s feature of the Portsmouth Museum of Art’s Street AKA Museum collaboration continues with the artist Shark Toof.  At the Harbour Place marina, Shark Toof has made quite an impression on those who’ve seen it in person…utilizing a pretty fascinating painting process along the brick walls that line the wooden dock of the marina.  I can only imagine how striking it must look from the water – especially if you’re not expecting to see it.  Looking forward to getting back once the third shark is finalized…and to sharing more of the murals around the city through the rest of the week.

Sitting on State Street

Today’s installation of Street AKA Museum comes from State Street.  This is part of my normal walk when I head to Googie’s for lunch….and I think it adds a whole new dimension to the streetscape.  This spot also used to be the home of Puttin’ on the Glitz, and since the store had moved out – the space had an overly empty feel to it.  This one is pretty fascinating with the different elements/materials used – stop by this week to check it out.  More installations to follow through the week!

Street AKA Museum | Portsmouth Museum of Art

I’m not 100% sure whether the paintballs were intentional as part of this street art exhibit, which has been brought into this world as part of a collaboration between international artists, property owners and the Portsmouth Museum of Art.  I love the idea – and especially love this particular installation.  We’re very fortunate to live in a community where we’re forward thinking enough to bring this type of exhibition to town (thanks to the Portsmouth M of A), and while it isn’t exactly as sneaky as a Banksy painting – it’s pretty darn awesome. Looking forward to discovering more of the pieces around town.

Street aka Museum

Another take on the art installation on the Marple & James building on Pleasant Street.  As it turns out, the artwork in the public spaces around town is part of a larger citywide installation of street art that the Portsmouth Museum of Art is curating.  I can’t wait to check out the exhibit in the museum once it opens…visit their site at Portsmouth Museum of Art and tell them I sent you.  This work was still early in its progress – now complete with painted windows, eyes, a nose, hearts and some words. Stay tuned through the week for more visuals of this awesome project.  Shame that some people have been defacing the artwork so recently after its completion.  A production trailer in Prescott Park will be featured tomorrow…come back to visit!