The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

One of the seacoast’s largest economic drivers is the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  The shipyard employs a tremendous amount of workers and pays them handsome sums of money, which fuels the growth of our local economy.  This world class facility operates on nuclear submarines right in our own back yard, which is both a fascinating and horrifying fact given the potential for nuclear disaster.  Much of the shipyard remains a mystery for security reasons, and you can only gain access from two gates on land in Kittery, but it is an imposing neighbor with beautiful industrial appeal.  In this shot, two Coast Guard cutters are docked on shore in front of the Naval Shipyard Prison (Alcatraz of the East) and beneath some quickly moving clouds illuminated by the setting sun.

Four Tree Island | Closed for the Season

Closed for the Season.  This is what the little signs read on the bathrooms on Four Tree Island.  The little building stands quietly in the center of the island that’s sandwiched between the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, the Commercial Fish Pier, Prescott Park and the Memorial Bridge.  I hardly ever take advantage of the wide open view that this vantage point provides towards so many of our local iconic scenes.  This particular evening, the island was incredibly windy (especially under the maiden statue on the shore of the island).  The solace is something that disappears pretty quickly as soon as the weather warms up.

Harbour Place & The Bridge

Harbour Place may have one of the best views of the waterfront traffic on the Piscataqua River and the Memorial Bridge in all of Portsmouth.  This shot was taken from the balcony of the building next door.  I was fascinated by the window washing equipment set up on the side of the building that I’d never noticed previously…and love the rich tones of the sky with the cloud cover and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in the distance. A wonderfully foggy afternoon.

The Shack

This is one of my favorite spots along the waterfront in Prescott Park.  The little shack probably serves as a place to reserve a boat slip during warmer months, though I have never seen anyone inside…but this time of year it’s most definitely limited to being a good subject for photos and maybe a good place to dodge the wind.  This very cold scene is one that will always remind me of my one of my absolute favorite places in the world to go for a walk.  In the distance you can see the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard as well.

The Dock at Sunrise

Portsmouth’s waterfront location provides an incredible amount of opportunities to photograph.  This pier, which I’ve featured before, is in Prescott Park overlooking the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  I love the symmetry that docks and piers provide, especially when bathed in soft morning light and interesting cloud cover.

The Lonely Pier

Sunrise from the Commercial Fish Pier.  The sun is just about to make its first appearance for the day as seen over Four Tree Island from the Commercial Fish Pier.  I thought this quiet and empty dock was quite interesting in the morning’s calm…before any fishermen showed up to make use of it throughout the day.  I particularly liked the post at the end of the pier against the illuminated water…with the glow of the sun behind the trees in the distance.

More from The 100 Club

More shots from the vista of the 100 Club balcony…enjoy!

Also check out a recent post from one of the photographers I most admire in the business today, Vincent Laforet, formerly of the New York Times, and now recognized for his expertise in the HD DSLR video world: VINCENT | LAFORET.

The Memorial Bridge & Naval Shipyard at Sunset

It was a beautiful evening and I was able to catch the tail end of the daylight and the early evening glow.  I thought it would be a nice way to start off the weekend with some less ominous photos and some nice pastel colors in honor of spring.  Enjoy your Friday.

Stay tuned for a post later this weekend with a construction update of ongoings in the city, and I’ll try to find some specifics on when The Decks open (rumor has it April 8th)…things keep rolling as the season approaches!

The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Estab. 1800

The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is located in Kittery, Maine and is one of the drivers of the area’s economy, employing thousands (yes, thousands) of local workers [visit the official site for more Facts].  This staple of the regional economy has been in operation since 1800 when the facility’s primary task was constructing the 74-gun warship, the USS Washington.  This is a common angle to view the shipyard to those who frequent the dog park, where I learned this weekend a lot of folks like to visit and walk their dogs.  This also looks familiar to visitors of the site, as it makes frequent appearances from my shots in Prescott Park.

The Waterfront & The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

Today’s post features a new waterfront view that hasn’t yet been featured here at The Daily Portsmouth.  You can see the North Church steeple and the South Ward Meetinghouse in the distance from Newcastle Ave. along with the homes of the South End. In the second shot you can see the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (actually located in Kittery) in the distance with the same boats.  The sign at the bottom is located on the bridge and caught my eye.