Street aka Museum

Another take on the art installation on the Marple & James building on Pleasant Street.  As it turns out, the artwork in the public spaces around town is part of a larger citywide installation of street art that the Portsmouth Museum of Art is curating.  I can’t wait to check out the exhibit in the museum once it opens…visit their site at Portsmouth Museum of Art and tell them I sent you.  This work was still early in its progress – now complete with painted windows, eyes, a nose, hearts and some words. Stay tuned through the week for more visuals of this awesome project.  Shame that some people have been defacing the artwork so recently after its completion.  A production trailer in Prescott Park will be featured tomorrow…come back to visit!


Art Arrives on Marple & James

A new surprise on the Pleasant Street side of the Marple & James building made an appearance this afternoon in Portsmouth.  After I got out of work in the afternoon, I was quite surprised to see someone making their mark on the wall with a ladder on site and everything.  Pretty cool to see this going up in real time, and shocked I didn’t notice it sooner. I’m curious to see if it’s all done – and to hear more about how and why this art made its way to Pleasant Street.

Save The Date | Friday February 5th

Exciting news! This coming Friday, February 5th – I will be featured as part of the Art ‘Round Town evening gallery walk at the newly opened Portsmouth Art Exchange (220 State Street), which is taking place from 5pm-8pm. This represents the first show that myself or The Daily Portsmouth has had, and I couldn’t be much more excited (especially since it’s the first time I’ve seen my stuff printed/framed in a large format!).

Mark Dearborn, a very talented local graphic designer, reached out to me and we collaborated on putting together some slick save the date cards and some posters to try and increase awareness throughout the area.  Check them out above and below!

I’d love it if you stopped by to say hello so I can thank you for visiting and supporting The Daily Portsmouth! I’ll be signing whatever posters and save the date cards that we have left for those who make the voyage over to Portsmouth Art Exchange.

Below are all of the prints that arrived in time for Friday’s event! This is all you’ll get to see for now, you’ll have to visit the gallery for the full experience… (It was like Christmas in January opening all of the boxes)

An Afternoon with the Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra

Sunday was the Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra‘s November show at The Music Hall.  The 3pm show was titled “American Landscapes“, and in addition to featuring pieces written by American composers, it featured a few photographs from local photographers on the backdrop behind the orchestra.  I was fortunate have TWO pieces selected for the show, which you can see below!

Many thanks to the wonderful folks at the symphony – and kudos on what was a great show to all the members of the Orchestra and to special guest, cellist Mihai Marica.  A wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon – I’ll be back!  Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post to enjoy a 2 minute snippet of Harris’ Symphony No. 3.