Route 1B | The Road Home

As I was making my way back towards home on the other side of Portsmouth from New Castle, I was savoring the orange glow that just kept getting better.  I had been shooting over at Great Island Common and was ready to pack it in for the day and was in the car planning to have some dinner…thinking the camera was off for the night.  Well, as I was heading down Route 1B towards Portsmouth again – I was greeted by a fireball of a sun just over the horizon, situated perfectly above the Memorial Bridge.  Naturally, I pulled what was probably an illegal u-turn so I could park and grab the tripod…and this was the first set of brackets (exposures) I fired off.

I’ve always liked how the road is windy and curved, and the fact that it splits the bodies of water on either side.  The power lines and the painted lines on the roadway help give this shot a very nice flow…the glowing road helps too!

Think Spring | Prescott Park

After the weather of the last few days, let’s stop and reflect on the fact that April is only 32 days away.  The decks will soon be open, and the trees will be back in bloom with blue skies and the return of the green vines.  Above, the power lines hang above Ceres Bakery on Penhallow Street and the chimneys of Sheafe Street.  Below, a shot of a tree in bloom at Prescott Park…a re-post of one of my favorites from warmer days.  Hope everyone is doing well through this weekend and has their power back or has found a way to stay warm.