Prescott Park Docks

I’m always writing about why I feature a certain image, or about the story behind it.  I thought today I’d start to try something new – what do you like about this image?  Is it a connection to the place, the view, the weather?  I’d be curious to hear what you might write if you were putting together today’s post with the above image from Prescott Park – featuring the public docks.

On Marcy Street

Something about the little round granite posts along Prescott Park on Marcy Street drew me in…with the wet stonework in the foreground and the barrier set by the posts, the rhythm of the old homes on the street beyond looked very cool. I love the two old houses that flank the end of Court Street, with the Oracle House (orange home on left) recently being sold. It’s a beautifully maintained old gem…and its neighbor on the opposing side of the street looks to be getting a cleanup too.


Trees in Prescott Park

The little section of Prescott Park where the fountains are hidden is full of vibrant flowers and wizened trees.  Each of these trees has a ridiculous amount of personality, and everytime I walk through this little nook near the waterfront I find myself checking out something new.  It’s nice to still have so much color and the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, before winter starts to take hold on the seacoast.

Summertime at the Docks

The Memorial Bridge stands tall above the Piscataqua and some boating activity at the docks at Prescott Park.  The late day sunlight is crystal clear with some interesting clouds in the sky.  In a couple short months (or maybe even weeks), the boats are likely to disappear and the scene will be a bit more desolate. It’s time to enjoy every last bit of warmth and time we get to spend outside as the days shorten.

Sunburst Over the Memorial

In keeping with my promise to shoot as much of the Memorial Bridge as humanly possible until its demise, today I want to share a simple sunset image.  It seems like we have a ridiculous amount of gorgeous sunsets here on the seacoasts, and the toughest decision is usually where to shoot it from.  I happened to be at Prescott Park with my wife enjoying a bit of the Wizard of Oz, and the skies continued to clear as the sun retreated behind Harbour Place and the horizon, but not before the sun could generate some gorgeous bursts of light rays.  The golden hue of the sky reflected beautifully in the water with a few boats giving the shot more depth thanks to the summer visitors.

The Pier & The Prison

The Memorial Bridge provides a great bird’s eye view of a few parts of Portsmouth.  Prescott Park suddenly appears miniature along with the piers that reach over the Piscataqua River, and the Shipyard looms in the distance. In this shot, the fast moving river has been smoothed out thanks to some neutral density filtering, while the Naval Prison stands on the horizon looking like the big hulking ominous structure that it is.  I went with a more vintage style processing here because it looked good with the dark contrasting colors of the pier and pilings in the foreground.

The Wizard of Oz | Prescott Park

Prescott Park isn’t only a spacious waterfront park with gardens, piers, a view of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, the commercial fishing fleet, and the Memorial Bridge, it also transforms in the summer time to a theater.  I happened to find a parking spot in the lot closest to the bridge to get dinner on Saturday night, and forgot about the play that is being put on this summer – The Wizard of Oz – until we got out of dinner and were heading home when we heard the Wicked Witch!  We strolled over to the show for the first part, and realized how much of a precious gem this section of town is – packed with families and people who enjoy the timeless story of Dorothy & Co.


The Player's Ring

The Player’s Ring is a 19 year old organization located inside this 19th century brick building on Marcy Street, along the border of Prescott Park.  I’ve always loved the personality of this little structure, and I know some of the players who are regulars in the performances…and they are fascinating & great people.  Check out the building sometime and treat yourself to a play – if the poster in the door is any indication, it’s full of originality.

The Gardens at Prescott Park

The long lines of flowers along the waterfront in Prescott Park are always gorgeous during this time of year.  Summer brings an influx of people from all over, with a good amount finding their way to the beauty of the waterfront park and its lush garden and rows of flowers.   A new addition that popped up this year is the granite spine through the flower bed – which has me imagining some type of ancient dinosaur buried beneath the soil