The Morning Calm

Two of my favorite places in Portsmouth: 1) the public docks at Prescott Park and 2) the Memorial Bridge.  The calmness of the water this morning was just awesome, and the reflection of the bridge on the river underneath the puffy cloud covered sky was enough for me to try and capture the scene.  It’s great to have an inspiring start to the day…I should get myself out of bed more often…harder though with the intense cold that’s found its way to NH lately.

Stormy Evening in Prescott Park

The threat of rain seemed to hang around for a while in the late afternoon today.  There were some seriously intense clouds out over New Castle as I walked around Prescott Park, and I even saw some streaks of lighting touch down. Somehow, I managed not to get caught out in any rain before heading to a meeting at City Hall…and when I arrived, the sky was gorgeous and intense, as the sun was breaking through a portion of the cloud ceiling and the ominous clouds hung overhead.

Above is a shot of the storm looming behind the public docks out over New Castle and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard as seen from the Joe Sawtelle Pier in Prescott Park.  Below is a view of the park from the public docks…with some cyclists seen underneath the trees (trying to decide whether to head out for a ride or not – they did).