Summer in Market Square

Hurricane Irene came and went over the weekend without much significant damage inflicted in our neck of the woods.  Saturday night brought some rain showers ahead of the storm’s arrival, but that didn’t stop people from getting out to enjoy a night in Market Square.

The Gazebo | Calabash Cove St. Lucia

Calabash Cove is a small resort near the northernmost point of Saint Lucia.  It’s a beautiful property that hugs the coastline, full of natural lush greenery and plantings that compliment the facility and the private cottages that dot the coastline.  One of the features of the property is this lovely little gazebo that overlooks the shoreline and has an unbelievable vantage point towards the west and sunsets every night.  I loved the flowers and the colors throughout the property, and the rich blue sky and amazing clouds that always seemed to hang around.  Just at the left corner of the gazebo, a faint hit of a rainbow can be seen as a result from the rainstorm out on the horizon.





An Antique Woody | New Castle, NH

I headed out to Fort Constitution in New Castle, NH in the rain a couple weeks back to investigate what I might see off the coast….I ended up not making it out of the parking lot, where I saw a freighter being escorted towards the Piscataqua River by a Moran Towing tugboat…and I also happened to see this classic “woody” wood paneled car apparently known as “The Anchor” from New Castle, NH.  I didn’t have much time otherwise I would have stopped and said hello to the group selling rain barrels or educating folks on conservation and saving Great Bay – I am not exactly sure (hopefully someone can fill me in or correct me if they have any info)…but essentially it seemed like they were good people hanging out and encouraging people to be good environmental stewards.

In any event, it was great to see such a cool and beautiful older car on the seacoast.

Spring at the Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion

This bright yellow mansion is a fixture on Portsmouth’s historic waterfront.  It’s the Wentworth-Coolidge mansion, and I’ve previously featured some shots of the massive anchor on its lawn that overlooks New Castle and the harbor. I decided to take a drive over to check out the lush green grass and see if I could find any new inspiration…and came across this large stone wall that framed the house nicely.  I also loved the colors of the sky…the rain was holding off just long enough to enjoy being outside and make for a moody sky.

Market Square Day 2010

What a difference a day makes.  The shot above was taken on Friday evening, a relatively quiet hour….especially compared to the crowds that were expected (and that arrived) on Saturday morning for the 33rd annual Market Square Day.  I think locals have a love/hate relationship with Market Square Day – it’s great exposure for the city and for those who invest in booths…but traffic gets seriously clogged and if you’re not in the mood for navigating crowds, it’s definitely not the kind of day to head into town.

This year, despite the drizzly morning, it seems like a lot of people showed up to see what it would be all about…with music playing in front of the North Church – and vendors of all kinds were doing their best to make sales & give stuff away to those who ventured out.  The shot below captures a flavor of the umbrellas and balloons etc. that seemed to be the theme of the day.

A Rainy Alley

Here’s some fresh content for everyone to enjoy! A new scene, a newly fixed camera, and some rainy snow.  The alley you see here is actually the brick walkway off of Church Street in between the North Church and 10 Pleasant Street (the building where Me & Ollie’s and Stonewall Kitchen are located) – with the entrance to Bank of America in the distance.  I’ve always enjoyed this little alley right around the corner from work – where some trash & recycling bins are tucked and where the ventilation system blasts warm air (which is particularly nice on a cold wintry day).  I decided to get a fresh cup of coffee in the afternoon and take advantage of having the camera back after its absence for the week.  It’s looking to be a sunny & moderate weekend…so get out and enjoy it!

The Dunaway has been Done Away With

Well, it appears to be official…The Dunaway Restaurant, which is located on Marcy Street alongside Strawbery Banke (and was recently sold), has been repainted and all its old signs have been removed.  This leads me to believe that The Dunaway has officially been done away with.  I’m still waiting for word on what might reside in the building going forward….right now it looks to be a new restaurant with an anticipated opening date of Spring 2010, see the old website here.

This rainy weekend was the first time I’d seen the building since it received its new red coat of paint, replacing the old eggplant color.  Anyone have any news they can share?

Ladd Street in the Rain

Ladd Street connects the back of the High/Hanover St. city parking garage with Market Street.  Visible on the left side of the frame is the newly opened Old Stove Bakery, which features delicious cupcakes!  The reflections of the buildings gives a surreal feeling to the street, appearing almost as though a reflective stream divides the buildings rather than pavement.