Mary M. Coppedge | Tugboats of Portsmouth


The Mary M. Coppedge stands tall in front of the Martingale Wharf building and the construction of the new Memorial Bridge. I love this time of day when the orange lights that adorn the sides of the tugs take on an eerie glow – in this shot they nearly match the orange glow of the homes in the building on the waterfront in the background.


Changes on The Waterfront


These images of the waterfront were taken almost exactly one year apart.  As you’ve seen recently here, the Memorial Bridge reconstruction continues to gain momentum – but sometimes it’s the context of the progress that we need to take a step back and appreciate.  The same goes for the continued development and re-development in Portsmouth, which I hope to begin to feature in similar comparisons.

Thankfully – this view is always graced with the last rays of sunlight each day on the Kittery shorefront in the distance.  The photo from 2013 has a soft subtle red glow in the background, illuminating the lobstering boats docked in the distance.

The New Memorial Bridge

The replacement Memorial Bridge is only a few months away from completion, and I’m starting to get a better feel for how it will present from its many angles for the best photos.  There isn’t much room by the Portsmouth base at this point to wander, only a little area between the fence on the left and a makeshift fence on the right – but I was still happy with this composition despite some rather boring midday lighting.

The Rising of The Memorial Bridge

This image is a bit dated already, as the reconstruction of the Memorial Bridge continues to go very swiftly.  The north span is now in place on the Kittery shorefront, and the towers continue to rise.  I’m excited to be able to walk the bridge this summer and to shoot the fully completed view from Prescott Park.

Portsmouth At Night

Portsmouth’s three bridges, the Piscataqua River Bridge, the Middle Bridge, and the Memorial Bridge, connect the states of New Hampshire and Maine.  I’m used to featuring these bridges individually, as I’m usually drawn to their architecture and setting – but not usually how they all fit together in the bigger picture.

This shot was taken at night, creating some intrigue with all the lighting along the waterfront and at Harbour Place, with some additional light from the cars traveling across the bridges and some smoke above the industrial components along the waterfront.  This scene will look different soon, as the Kittery span of the Memorial Bridge is now in place.

The South Span | New Memorial Bridge

The new south span of the Memorial Bridge has officially been floated in and placed.  Crews worked during the evening hours securing the new span so that the Cape Cod barge could be floated out at slack tide once enough water retreated.  The north Kittery span will soon be under construction, and the new structure will be ready for use by July this summer. The eerie evening lighting and the under lighting on the bridge span make this an amazing scene to see in person.

Watching the placement of the span was a historic event, and although it was a slow process, it was exciting.  I’m looking forward to watching the new structure evolve, and to capturing the process.


Harbour Place and The Memorial Bridge

Portsmouth, Memorial Bridge, Harbour Place

Portsmouth is full of hidden gem locations, and you never know what view might be lurking around the corner from some of the downtown spots.  Harbour Place and The Memorial Bridge of Portsmouth and Kittery can be seen from the roof deck of a nearby home along the waterfront on Bow Street. This view is a bit different these days…but the shipyard and the Naval Prison are still clearly visible in the background, with the Piscataqua River flowing through the frame.