The Lonely Pier

Sunrise from the Commercial Fish Pier.  The sun is just about to make its first appearance for the day as seen over Four Tree Island from the Commercial Fish Pier.  I thought this quiet and empty dock was quite interesting in the morning’s calm…before any fishermen showed up to make use of it throughout the day.  I particularly liked the post at the end of the pier against the illuminated water…with the glow of the sun behind the trees in the distance.

Tugboats at Night | Eugenia Moran

It was so warm out after work on Monday evening that I decided to watch a freighter come up the river and enjoy the sights of the waterfront for a while (and I wasn’t even wearing any gloves).  Quite a beautiful night.  I was particularly digging the reflection of the Eugenia Moran in the Piscataqua.  This 3-exposure composition had a nice long exposure for the third shot so I was able to get some nice tones in the reflective water.  The Decks were looking pretty sharp in preparation for their opening next month! More to follow on that later in the week.