Portsmouth from Across The Water

I must say, there is a lot that I love about this photograph.  How distant the subject feels, yet so intimate because of the vignetting and the soft smoothness of the water….That the scene is warm with the evening sunset’s glow, yet signs of an industrialized location are evident with the power lines and the cranes and salt piles on the horizon.  The leading lines of the power lines pass right over hotels of the downtown area and reach towards the waterfront.  Lots of great elements….but mostly, I love the colors and the transitions. I hope you enjoy one of these little elements as much as I do.

The Clock at Sunset

I know that you’ve seen a lot of the North Church lately.  So have I.  I think that’s a good thing – this particular shot was fascinating to me…the perfect colors of the setting sun on a fall night, along with the subtle variations of the contrasting lighting on each side of the clocktower.  I really love this shot, as soon as I see it it strikes me as imposing…which isn’t always the case with a steeple/clocktower.  The image filling the frame along with the biting sharpness of the lines are all good elements, but what drove it home for me was the fact that each side of the structure had such different lighting – almost like the evil twin lurking on the other side of the clock (thanks to the perfectly placed setting sun).

As a bonus – check out the shot below of the headquarters for the New Hampshire Film Festival taking place in Portsmouth this weekend….at the Residence Inn at Portwalk Place.

New Hampshire Film Festival HQ at the Residence Inn

Residence Inn | Portwalk Place

The Residence Inn at Portwalk Place is officially open for business.  Word went out today in the Portsmouth Herald – and I happened to drive by this morning due to my usual route being unavailable thanks to some ongoing infrastructure work and sidewalk improvements on Market Street, so I snapped a couple shots.

The building doesn’t boast the most earth shattering architectural features, but to me it marks an improvement over the languishing Parade Mall project (and it doesn’t stop me from trying to make it look interesting), and I’m always a sucker for new construction.  I think once the entire project is complete with the future office/retail component, it will continue to bring a new feel to the North End.  Change is constant downtown, and I’m happy to see another construction project buttoned up for the time being.  Soon the lifts should be gone and hopefully the surface parking next door will be open for business.

Construction in the City | North End Edition

The Norther Tier continues to change as the construction at two noteworthy projects progresses.  Above, the Residence Inn at Portwalk Place can be seen from Deer Street.  As you can see, the building went up incredibly fast (see other progress photos HERE), and has much of its outer brickwork complete.  I’m not aware of the projected opening yet, but I can’t imagine that it’s too far off.  Foster’s ran an article this week about the prospect of the City of Portsmouth operating a surface parking lot on the excess land at the site until the development market picks up and the office/retail component of the Portwalk Project can be built (and leased out).

Below, the Portsmouth Herald is getting a facelift as well and is being converted to retail/office uses. Below the photo are renderings of the completed buildings, which were kindly provided by Ron Reilly of Reilly Studios in Portsmouth, who worked on this project with DeStefano Architects. In the second rendering, you can see a parking garage that is slated to be built sometime in the future as part of the Westin project.