Sunrise from Portwalk

The North End of Portsmouth was once filled with residential homes.  That once upon a time was a long time ago – and in the place of the once bustling neighborhood – a new development has taken shape.  Portwalk Place is well underway, with its first two phases complete.  This sunrise was taken from the rooftop of the Residences at Portwalk building, looking back towards Market Square.  The cloud formation rolling in past the North Church was amazing and a nice treat on an early morning.

Sunrise Over The City

One of the things that you see less often here at The Daily Portsmouth is the city from above.  Sunrises also show up less often, mostly because I cherish my sleep, but also because it’s rare to fit into my schedule. Today, I’d like you to enjoy both a view from high above Hanover Street with some gorgeous clouds near the horizon at sunrise.  From atop The Residences at Portwalk, the Memorial Bridge looks like it’s been set on fire in the distance, and the High-Hanover parking garage looks as desolate as it was.