The Black Trumpet

Ceres Street is one of my favorite spots in Portsmouth – the tall brick buildings line the waterfront and mark the distinction between the historic downtown and its historic working waterfront roots.  The buildings lining this street largely served as warehouses back in Portsmouth’s early heydays when tall ships could have been seen lining the spots where the tugboats now dock.  The Black Trumpet is one of the celebrated restaurant options in this neighborhood and I’ve always loved the appeal of its facade, as well as its intimate setting and interior.

Surf | Bow Street Evening

Surf in the Martingale Wharf is one of the new restaurants located along Bow Street.  In this image from winter 2014, a quiet Bow Street rests beneath a cloudless sky – awaiting the warmer weather and the masses of people that will be enjoying the many waterfront destinations.

An Evening Glow on The Decks of Portsmouth

Today’s image is another composition from a recent harbor cruise out on the Piscataqua River.  As we were heading in to dock at the end of our sunset cruise, the city’s evening lights started to overpower the day’s natural light, creating long reflections in the river’s surface and a great glow.  This is one of my favorite times of day – just after sunset when the sky is usually still doing amazing things.


Revitalizing The Rosa


The renaissance on State Street continues with the recent acquisition and renovation of The Rosa.  The Rosa has long been a fixture in Portsmouth’s ever-changing restaurant scene since its doors opened in 1927.

I’m excited to see what the fresh take on the restaurant and the space will be, it’s been fun watching the progress made on the structure inside so far.

The Decks | Martingale Wharf

Nearly anyone who has ever spent time in the seacoast will agree that The Decks are one of Portsmouth’s unique attributes, with waterfront dining available to enjoy the view of a working waterfront.  It just so happens that the decks all have a gorgeous view towards the west, which typically has a magnificent view of sunset as the clouds & sky get interesting when the weather warms up.

This shot was taken from the deck of the Martingale Wharf, which was a bit quiet due to the temperature not climbing out of the 40s/50s quite yet – but in a month’s time, all the decks will be flooded with patrons from near and far. Despite the temp – we still enjoyed a quick afternoon snack/beer while we watched the sunset.

Book & Bar

One of the more interesting additions to Portsmouth’s dining options this past year has been the Book & Bar in the Custom House on Pleasant Street.  I highly suggest you check it out – great ambiance complete with used books, coffee, food, beverage…as you’d expect with a name like “Book & Bar”.  They did a great job restoring the interior and maintaining the character of the structure – great beams, high ceilings, fireplaces, etc.

I’ve been planning to begin shooting a few new series this year, and I think this shot will fit perfectly into one of them.  Stay tuned – I’m looking forward to sharing more in the months ahead!

Reflections of The Decks at Night

One of my favorite things to do in town has always been to enjoy a drink and a meal on the waterfront.  Not many places in this world get to enjoy a beautiful waterfront spot, with interesting industrial activity and a lively crowd.  In this image, the new Martingale Wharf building can be seen across the water from the Portsmouth Harbor Cruise dock.  You have to click this one to see it large.

View From Above | Piscataqua River

There are some views that are just hard to imagine until you see them.  This shot from the balcony of The One Hundred Club captures the view up river of the Piscataqua on a relatively quiet summer evening.  The salt piles and a crane can be seen, along with the Middle Bridge and the Piscataqua River Bridge further in the distance.