After the Storm | Portsmouth Waterfront

As promised, today features two closer views of the Portsmouth waterfront under the beautiful and immense cloud formations from Thursday night’s storms.  The blue of the evening sky highlights the North Church steeple while the sunlight grazes one of the layers of clouds in the image below.  This was truly one of those rare afternoons where the natural beauty of sunset matched the allure of the waterfront.  Some of my favorite captures to date.

100 Market Street

This shot was taken from the corner of Hanover Street & Market Street.  The building at 100 Market is one of the newer commercial real estate additions in town, one of the first major redevelopment projects dating back 5-10 years ago (I’m not sure when it was completed)….then came the Popovers building on Congress Street, some residential buildings on State Street, The Martingale Wharf and now Portwalk Place.  It’s no secret that I love this building, not so much for the architecture, which I happen to enjoy, but for the view it affords those who get to visit the 100 Club.

I wanted to feature 100 Market Street today because I have a few photographs that will be featured as part of an exhibit opening today (May 14th) and running through August 1st.  The show features the visual/performing arts as interpreted by visual artists.  I took a quick walk through as pieces were being hung yesterday, and it looks to be a dynamic show – featuring some great concert portraits by Nancy Grace Horton and other photographers, painters, etc.  My shots are on the 1st floor (enter through the door shown above)…and feature some behind the scenes shots from ‘Round the Square, which I sat in on one evening a few weeks back.  I had a blast shooting in a different setting and out of my comfort zone…looking forward to the next opportunity.

The Portsmouth Skyline

Today’s post features a view of the Moran Towing tugboats and a portion of The Decks from a different vantage point.  This is the first time I’ve posted anything shot from the Middle Bridge (the Sarah Long Bridge) in Kittery, Maine.  Visible from the skyline is the 100 Club, the steeple of the North Church, the rowhouses of Market Street, and many other familiar landmarks.

This spot is truly fantastic, and I imagine there will be plenty more stops during various sunsets with some beautiful results.

Changes at The Decks | Construction Update & Poco's New Deck

As I’ve written about lately, and as you’re probably aware, there are some big changes going on at The Decks this spring season.  The City finally started a beautification project, replacing brick sidewalks on Ceres Street – putting in new drainage and stone walkways in The Alley.  The biggest part of the project is the switcheroo, with the Poco’s deck being moved against the building (a two-story deck now as opposed to the single-story)…and a public area going in where Poco’s old deck was located. Above (and in the last shot) you can see the guts of the old area, with the Old Ferry Landing visible to the right (which will now have unobstructed tugboat views)….in the last shot you can see the rebar being put into the ground to support the new structure, along with a crescent moon hanging over the Market Street rowhouses. The second shot below is the upstairs portion of the new Poco’s deck…I’ll post a view of the lower portion soon…but in the meantime, upstairs is open for business!

A Market Street Evening

A view down Market Street on a Friday evening.  In the distance you can see the cranes of the freighter docked in town hovering over the colored facades of the Market Street rowhouses.  In the foreground you can see Kennedy Studios custom framing & gallery at the corner of Commercial Alley – and the Portsmouth Brewery can be seen across the street.  A quiet scene before downtown was greeted by its many guests on Friday night.  Below is a view in the opposite direction on a spring afternoon with a very cool sky.

Portsmouth Waterfront at Dusk

As the summer dwindles away, evening arrives a little sooner every day.  I was able to enjoy another nice dinner out at Poco’s deck before the weather gets too unforgiving at this time of night…which was a treat, especially since the deck will be moving next year to a new location against the building.  This view will soon be part of the public park planned for the spot….which I’m looking forward to seeing how it comes out.  Somehow I think the waterfront won’t be the same with one less spot to enjoy a delicious margarita.