Winter in Rye

Winter in Rye

Snow drifts are beginning to overtake yards in a coastal street in Rye, New Hampshire.  These houses enjoy an incredible location near the ocean and also bear the brunt of all sorts of weather.

A Colorful Winter Sunrise at Rye Harbor

A Colorful Winter Sunrise at Rye Harbor

Another image from a beautifully vivid (and cold) sunrise at Rye Harbor on Valentine’s Day.  My favorite part is the magenta glow on the undersides of the clouds at the top of the photo.

Yesterday's Storm | Rye, New Hampshire

Yesterday’s Storm is tied up in Rye Harbor, New Hampshire. I love a good waterfront scene, and I’ve always been drawn to the boats that have character from working out on the sea day in and day out. I thought that this calm afternoon shot from Rye was a nice portrait of one of Rye’s fleet.