Sunrise at Rye Harbor

Sunrise at Rye Harbor

The fishing fleet is dormant on a cold February morning in Rye Harbor.  The cold and windless morning had some beautiful conditions resulting in this shot with some nice range in colors as the sun rose over the horizon and the morning blues of the sky are still reflected in the water’s surface.

Out For A Stroll (Beneath The Moon)

This particular evening out at Odiorne State Park was gorgeous.  The subtle pastels of the sunset lit the shoreline and I said hello to many people who were out enjoying the evening and watched birds hunt around in the shallow waters of the beach.  The surprise of the moonrise caught me pleasantly off guard, and was one of my favorite shoots of the year.  This shot was one of my favorites – I love the energy of the little kid hopping along the rocks in the distance beneath the moon.

Moonrise from Odiorne Point

On Saturday night, my Dad and I decided to head over to Odiorne Point State Park in Rye to see if we could find some wildlife to shoot and to see what the sunset had in store for us.  There weren’t many clouds in the sky for a dramatic sunset shot, but we were pleasantly surprised to have the unexpected moonrise in the distance over the Atlantic Ocean and Whaleback Light.  We had a great time and despite no clouds in the sky, there were beautiful colors thanks to the changing temperatures and the low light late in the day.