Witch Cove Marina


Another one of my favorite spots during the summer is BG’s Boat House.  It’s a classic New England waterfront spot, a great place for seafood and for taking in a sunset.  The muted colors at sunset made for a quiet scene.   The boats in the frame are all docked at Witch Cove Marina – though we saw a few people come and go on the empty pier in the middle of the photo.

A Coastal Morning

It’s rare lately that I get to spend a good chunk of time roaming the seacoast, but I was lucky to do so last month.  I went out cycling and meandered through Portsmouth and New Castle when I wanted to be sure to capture a couple of my favorite scenes along the coast.  The shot above is of the (former?) Piscataqua Cafe on the back channel of the Piscataqua River in New Castle (previously featured HERE with its quaint front porch).  Below, a couple quiet boats sit docked on the shore of Sagamore Creek.  Mornings are getting colder and colder, which means they’ll be nice and peaceful for some interesting material through the next couple months.

The Sagamore on Sagamore Creek

Saturday morning I was venturing around town with my camera and armed with the Hasselblad Zeiss glass.  It is a 100mm lens…which means that the focal plane of the lens is much further than what I’m used to.  I typically shoot in the 24mm range and love to shoot wider (meaning lower) whenever I rent a lens.  That’s what helps me get so much information and so much landscape goodness in my typical scenes.  When Steph and I ventured out running/cycling, I decided to stick with one lens – and brought the 100mm so I forced myself out of my comfort zone in an effort to sharpen my skills.  I’m also currently experiencing some serious computer heartburn, so I’m not able to survey the majority of my shots – but I was happy to come away with this quintessential New England seacoast scene.

This boat, “Sagamore” is moored on Sagamore Creek….an inlet stream from the Piscataqua River inland from Portsmouth Harbor.  Makes me want to hop on the boat and head out into the open ocean.