Moffatt Ladd House at Dusk


The Moffatt Ladd House stands near the shore of the Piscataqua River as the day ends and in the distance the Sarah Long Bridge illuminates the surface of the Piscataqua. I love shooting at this time of day, when daylight is retreating and the artificial lighting starts to take over.

The Bridge & The City

Once again I’m revisiting the archives from earlier this year when warmer weather prevailed.  This shot never made it to the website, but I’ve always loved the angular presence of the Middle Bridge from this angle as it leads the eye towards one of the working terminals on Portsmouth’s waterfront.  The New Hampshire State Pier is the closest terminal to the bridge, while the Granite State Minerals loading/unloading sand & salt platform is located just opposite the Sheraton.  You can glimpse the North Church on the horizon in the distance, and the incredible sky this night just made for a mesmerizing sunset and blue hour.

Freighter in Port | Tasman Sea

As I drive up Market Street towards work everyday, I wonder what I’ll see in the river (if anything).   Friday turned out to be one of those lucky days when I saw the Memorial Bridge fully lifted…which usually means 2 things: 1) traffic; and 2) boats!  I thought I could see what appeared to be a freighter making its way into port. As I was heading home on Friday night to catch the 207 program, it turns out the Tasman Sea from Hong Kong was in fact docked at the New Hampshire State Pier.

The Middle Bridge & A Freighter

A freighter sits docked at the New Hampshire State Pier in Portsmouth, NH next to the Middle Bridge (The Sarah Long Bridge).  I made a quick trip over to the other side of the bridge during lunch this week after getting stuck in the rain the night before, when I was completely soaked from a giant truck that drove across the roadway overhead….splashing whatever puddle was on the decking onto me and the camera (I called it an early night after that).

Unfortunately the boat wasn’t around long enough to capture it at sunset…but I still like this shot with the wind blowing across the Piscataqua River and the vibrant greens of the bridge pop against the cloudy sky.

Bridges of the Piscataqua River & The Amy Philbrick

The Amy Philbrick ship sits in the middle of the Piscataqua River during a heavy snowstorm. Visible in the background are two of Portsmouth’s three famous bridges – the Sarah Long Bridge (aka the Middle Bridge) and the Piscataqua River Bridge – as well as a piece of Kittery, Maine. I loved the frozen feeling of the shot accentuated by the red buoy and the color of the ship.

A Piscataqua River Morning


The sunrise illuminates the sky above the Middle (Sarah Long) and the Piscataqua River Bridges over the Piscataqua River as the early morning light hits the bricks of Harbor Place.  The special guest is the Creole Miss, a distinctively blue tugboat that makes its home here in Portsmouth, NH.

Another shot below with a more vintage feel and some different processing:

The Hill | Northern Tier

The Hill in Portsmouth’s Northern Tier (now sandwiched between the Hilton Garden Inn on Hanover Street and the Sheraton Harborside on Deer Street), consists of old historic homes formerly located in Portsmouth’s North End, which was formerly the city’s predominantly Italian neighborhood.  The homes were saved and relocated to their existing locations, now known simply as The Hill.  The buildings give the area some unique character… but the Northern Tier will continue to be a changing place as well, as the Parade Mall is slated for redevelopment and as the proposed Westin conference center is built across the street from the Sheraton.  Will be cool to watch the process.

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