The Sheafe Warehouse

This old structure has a nice perch over the Piscataqua and a first class view of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  The Sheafe Warehouse was constructed in Portsmouth’s shipping heyday back when sailing was the predominant way to travel.  They do an excellent job of keeping the structure in good repair, and each year they have an art opening inside that is pretty cool and rustic.  The commercial fish pier is in the background, and looks like it is going to be gobbled by the structure and its reflection.

Sheafe Warehouse | Prescott Park

For today’s post we head back to Portsmouth.  The Sheafe Warehouse in Prescott Park sits alongside the Piscataqua River along with several piers/docks.  I headed to the waterfront for one of the last sunsets of the summer season before the official arrival of Fall.  I’m glad I did – I was lucky to catch some interesting light on one last patch of clouds that was blowing through the sky.

Check back tomorrow for some gorgeous shots from our Golden Gate Bridge sunrise adventure.

Two Afternoons at Prescott Park

Today features two views of Prescott Park on the Piscataqua River – taken on different afternoons in different lighting conditions.  The shot above was snapped during a cloudy and ominous rainy evening (you can see the rain in the distance above the Sheafe Warehouse.  The shot below was taken during the Tall Ships visit on a partly cloudy afternoon with the Memorial Bridge in the distance with the Sheafe Warehouse sitting in front.  In each shot you can see where the other was taken from…giving a nice flavor of the waterfront scene.

South End Rooftops & Sheafe Warehouse

More shots from the South End at sunset. I love the way the light is grazing rooftops and the newly renovated steeple of the South Ward Meetinghouse aka The Children’s Museum.  As I’ve mentioned before, the Sheafe Warehouse is one of those really old structures that I’ve always loved, and that I picture located in town a couple hundred years ago when it was still a young structure.  Nothing too exciting about these shots, just beautiful old architecture and some nice afternoon light.

The Sheafe Warehouse


The Sheafe Warehouse has always intrigued me.  It’s old, and it looks it.  One of the local art associations does an art show there every year, and I made it a couple years back…maybe I’ll have this shot in the show someday.  Anyway, I’ve been trying to get a shot I liked of the building for quite some time now…I think this is the closest I’ve been yet.  It’s worth visiting on the waterfront of the Piscataqua any time of day if you’re out for a stroll in Prescott Park.

For some history on the building, head over to, where it talks about the 17th century warehouse as one of “the last large relics of the bustling waterfront back when Portsmouth was a world trade center in the Age of Sail.”