The Sheraton Harborside

I’ve always enjoyed trying to capture the beauty of a piece of architecture.  This hotel, the Sheraton Harborside, was originally built in the 1980s as part of the rejuvenation of Portsmouth’s Northern Tier.  It’s built on top of the hillside, and it’s a huge building that looks cool from across the river and less exciting from the street level on Market Street.  At just the right angle, however, it becomes more of a massive structure perched on the landscape.  The miniscule crescent moon is an added bonus.

An Evening in Kittery | The Portsmouth Waterfront

I decided to head across the river to see what the evening sunlight might bring.  Today’s featured shots are a bit less dramatic than typical photos shared on the site, but I was taken with the beautiful light and how it was hitting the skyline – and thought that the au naturale shots looked better than the dramatic styling (and I need a better zoom lens!).

There was some interesting boat traffic, a fisherman showed up later in the evening – he came underneath the Middle Bridge from further up the Piscataqua to check out the scene near the tugs, hung out for a few – and then headed back up river.  A tugboat returned to its resting position after escorting a barge under the Middle Bridge to one of the industrial tenants on the river…and the Sheraton, brick buildings and the Martingale Wharf just looked awesome in the orange glow.

Don’t worry – I got some great HDR shots that will be featured here later in the week….all in all, well worth the trip across the river…I just wish it was a bit warmer outside.

The Stairs to the Sheraton Harborside

On a warm summer day last year I was taken by how inviting the steps to the Sheraton Harborside were, especially with such a beautiful sunset looming overhead. I loved how the stairs and their symmetry draw you up towards the tent over their deck, and together with the brick tones and the green of the trees & grass served as all too familiar a reminder that I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring!  I’m anxious to get out and enjoy the extra hour of daylight we now have – I think it will lead to some new variety of shots.