Sunrise from City Hall


Portsmouth has a few subtle terrain changes that I don’t think about often.  Sometimes you end up somewhere that makes it a bit more obvious, which is the case at City Hall.  The North Church and the Piscataqua River Bridge can be seen in the distance.  The school buses in the foreground add a fun element to the image, along with the industrial fog clouds in the background from the manufacturing plants that line the river.


The Bridge & The City

Once again I’m revisiting the archives from earlier this year when warmer weather prevailed.  This shot never made it to the website, but I’ve always loved the angular presence of the Middle Bridge from this angle as it leads the eye towards one of the working terminals on Portsmouth’s waterfront.  The New Hampshire State Pier is the closest terminal to the bridge, while the Granite State Minerals loading/unloading sand & salt platform is located just opposite the Sheraton.  You can glimpse the North Church on the horizon in the distance, and the incredible sky this night just made for a mesmerizing sunset and blue hour.

Boston Skyline

Digging further through the archives this week, I’ve finally had the time to process a few shots taken with the Carl Zeiss 18mm lens that I rented a few months back during the Worldwide Photo Walk, which I participated in.  The walk meandered through the Seaport District of Boston – and I had some shots that I was really excited about processing, but for one reason or another – I never made it to seeing what the finished product might look like with a few of the exposures.  Part of the problem was that each image looked so good (when I actually came up with a decent composition) thanks in large part to the high quality Zeiss lens, which seems to capture the colors straight from my brain.  This is both a blessing and a challenge for HDR processing, as any combination of multiple exposures with wonderfully represented/saturated colors in each exposure, tends to create an extreme look when I use my typical steps in post-processing.  I think once I get the hang of it, the exposures or “brackets” from each set will provide some incredible color and spatial data…than when combined will create a gorgeous shot, similar to what I’ve found with my Zeiss 100mm Hasselblad shots.  Hope you enjoy 🙂

Also – Please take a moment sometime during your day today to reflect and remember the Veterans that have served our country and protected the freedoms that we are so lucky to have here in America.  It definitely wouldn’t be the same place without the sacrifices that so many have made on our behalf.

After the Storm | Portsmouth Waterfront

As promised, today features two closer views of the Portsmouth waterfront under the beautiful and immense cloud formations from Thursday night’s storms.  The blue of the evening sky highlights the North Church steeple while the sunlight grazes one of the layers of clouds in the image below.  This was truly one of those rare afternoons where the natural beauty of sunset matched the allure of the waterfront.  Some of my favorite captures to date.

Portsmouth Skyline from Afar

As a follow up to yesterday’s close up of the Memorial Bridge abutments, here’s another shot from the gorgeous evening.  This time you can see the Portsmouth skyline off in the distance along with the Memorial Bridge and the North Church, while some plant growth in Kittery, ME can be seen at the bottom of the frame.

On Sunday check back in for two more images featuring the beloved skyline up close with the Moran Towing tugs and the North Church…under the setting of the gorgeous evening sky.  Thanks for visiting – hope you have a great weekend!  Get out and enjoy the weather 🙂

Boston & New York City Skylines

Today features two of the most recognizable skylines in the United States.  Above you can see the Prudential Building and the Hancock Tower with the Charles River in the foreground.

Below, you can see a beautiful sunset on the facades of the Upper East Side overlooking Central Park in Manhattan.  Two beautiful cities with incredibly rich history, both overlooking beautiful natural settings. Happy Summer to everyone!

The Portsmouth Skyline

Today’s post features a view of the Moran Towing tugboats and a portion of The Decks from a different vantage point.  This is the first time I’ve posted anything shot from the Middle Bridge (the Sarah Long Bridge) in Kittery, Maine.  Visible from the skyline is the 100 Club, the steeple of the North Church, the rowhouses of Market Street, and many other familiar landmarks.

This spot is truly fantastic, and I imagine there will be plenty more stops during various sunsets with some beautiful results.

New York City | Guest City

Traveled this weekend to New York and had the chance to stop by the Hudson River in West New York, New Jersey.  The Empire State Building was sporting red white and blue in honor of all our veterans and fallen soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice serving our country.  The city skyline was gorgeous and a thunderstorm was rolling in, but I couldn’t capture any lightning (sadly).  You’ll have to see this one full size for a better view, here:  FLICKR.