The Tower

In honor of it being warm and summery somewhere on this lovely continent of North America – I’d like to feature Miami Beach and one of the lifeguard towers on South Beach.  The crisp early morning light and the fresh tracks of some vehicle make for a welcoming scene.

Sunrise at The Tower

I spent some time in Florida over the weekend, so I was sure to take advantage of being close to the beach and ventured out for a sunrise shoot.  Apparently South Beach has a bit more scale than the New Hampshire beaches I’m used to visiting, as it had full size lifeguard stands just like the ones I’ve seen in Baywatch.  Here is the first of a series of “Towers”…with additional installments to follow through the next week or so.  The early morning light was casting such long and rich shadows on everything in sight, the waves even seemed like they were several inches off the ground, even though the foamy water was probably a few centimeters above the ground by the time it washed out.