Hazy Sunset Over Portsmouth

Hazy Sunset Over Portsmouth

Thanks to the perfect conditions, the sun appeared as a fiery orange ball over the South End waterfront in Portsmouth.   On our way home from a Great Island Common picnic and dessert at The Ice House, we were welcomed back into Portsmouth by this incredible and memorable scene.

Brewster's In The Snow

After one of our recent storms, I decided that the snow clinging to the roofs was too good to miss taking  a few photographs.  I headed to Peirce Island, which always has a mountain of snow from the city’s removal, to see what some of my favorite familiar scenes were looking like.  I found Brewster’s in the snow surrounded by water and the weather, with the subtle glow of the waterfront lantern adding some interest to the scene.

A Grey Afternoon on Peirce Island

This is another take on the classic South End vista as seen from Peirce Island on a grey afternoon.  Only a few moments later, the sun broke through the clouds and created a soft glow in the sky after it sank below the horizon.  Thanks to my friend and fellow local photographer, the incredibly talented Adam Woodworth, I made it a point to get out to see what the sky might hold for the end of the day. While I didn’t come away with anything exceptional, it was great to get out and shoot with someone that is inspirational and helps keep me motivated to pursue the beauty around us.

Snowy South End

This has long been one of my favorite vantage points of the historic South End neighborhood.  In this image, a snowy south end basks in soft early morning light a few days after the first storms of the season.