South End Waterfront

Today’s post returns to a waterfront vista after all of the portraits and interiors featured over the past few days.  This isn’t the most dramatic shot you’ve ever seen of the South End Waterfront, but it’s a lovely representation nonetheless.  Rich blue sky and rippling blue water…who wouldn’t want this view?  The South Ward Meetinghouse can be seen off to the left above a cool looking red truck parked on the pier.  I love the character that little corner lends to this scene – a working historic waterfront. Be sure to click the image to see it LARGE!

Lobster | South End Waterfront

Seen from the Peirce Island Bridge, this waterfront vista of Portsmouth’s historic South End should be a familiar sight.  It’s one of the area’s most photographed vistas, usually from directly across the river on Peirce Island – highlighting the docks, piers and colorful homes that line the streets of the waterfront.  I just love this old structure sitting on the waterfront – and the fact that the moon is rising in the upper left corner, and that you can catch the South Ward Meetinghouse clocktower in the upper right corner.

South End Rooftops & Sheafe Warehouse

More shots from the South End at sunset. I love the way the light is grazing rooftops and the newly renovated steeple of the South Ward Meetinghouse aka The Children’s Museum.  As I’ve mentioned before, the Sheafe Warehouse is one of those really old structures that I’ve always loved, and that I picture located in town a couple hundred years ago when it was still a young structure.  Nothing too exciting about these shots, just beautiful old architecture and some nice afternoon light.