At Prescott Park

Prescott Park is a beautiful waterfront park that changes throughout the year as the trees bloom, as plays come and go from the main stage by the water, as the richly colored gardens take shape in the spring, and particularly this year as the Memorial Bridge gets deconstructed.  The park has been one of my favorite places to go and enjoy the salt air of the river and to think over the years.

Trees at Great Island Common

Early in the spring, the trees began to regain their color and personality that they lost in the fall.  Buds began appearing – and the trees here along the coast in New Castle at Great Island Common enjoy their waterfront view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Prescott Park

Once again, Prescott Park and its gorgeous gardens are featured today.  This tree is one of several in the incredibly lush garden tucked in the middle of the park, right off of Marcy Street near the waterfront, and each tree is equally mesmerizing.  I had always been more familiar with the flowers and other things growing over towards Peirce Island Road and the anchor overlooking the commercial fishing fleet – but ever since I first stumbled into this section of the park, I’ve been blown away.  There are also gorgeous fountains that get turned on sometime in the near future.  This little slice of earth is definitely one of my favorites.

Harbour Place in the Spring

The more I take the time to appreciate the massive brick structure along the Piscataqua River, the more I’ve come to appreciate its nuanced architecture and location.  The side of Harbour Place that fronts on Daniel Street has a very interesting curve to it – whether you’re looking up towards Daniel Street, or whether you’re heading towards the Memorial Bridge towards the water.  I like how this shot has positioned the vibrant tree against the manmade structures of the old stoic Memorial Bridge and the newer Harbour Place.  The large open blue sky isn’t the most fascinating element, but we haven’t had too much of it this spring, so it’s important to appreciate.

Approaching the Bridge | Pease Golf Course

I’m thankful to have made it out for a couple rounds of golf so far this year.  There’s something peacefully awesome about getting out on the course, even if you play terribly like me, with the smell of fresh cut grass and no signs of the typical stressors of everyday life to be found.

One Hundred and Twenty Five Seconds

This is what one hundred and twenty five seconds looks like when standing on the Portsmouth Harbor Cruise dock.  Wispy clouds moved quickly overhead and the rushing Piscataqua changed tides in the late day light.  The tugs stood mostly still, though even they couldn’t withstand the fast paced waters without a little wiggling – and the Memorial Bridge stood stoically in place for the 2+ minute duration along with its brick neighbors.

A Rare Sunset | Happy 2nd Anniversary to The Daily Portsmouth

On a night marked by wicked storms throughout Massachusetts with tornadoes touching down – we were graced with a surreal sunset here in Portsmouth.  I was only out in the yard so I didn’t get too much in the way of exciting shots, but the sky and the beautiful spring trees speak for themselves.

I also want to share with everyone that this week has ushered in the 2nd anniversary of the inception here at The Daily Portsmouth.  Life’s been pretty busy lately, so I hope to get a retrospective up before the end of the week commemorating some of my favorite shots from the second year of photographs here at TDP.