While the Snow Flies

One of the things I love most about an intense winter storm in Portsmouth, is the weather’s ability to turn the place into a ghost town.  It’s really quite incredible how on the busiest weekends in the summer, you almost can’t walk on the sidewalks of Market Street, yet here in the midst of a winter storm, you can barely find a person unless they have a shovel.  It’s a very stark contrast…and one that made me enjoy braving the elements that much more.  I think it brings out the intrepid feeling that photographers have tucked away, the one that motivates us to get out of bed at sunrise, or climb just a little further towards the edge of a cliff, or find that unique angle that hasn’t quite been presented before.  Either way, more storm photos for all! (Be sure to check back for the next few days – I got so many photos I’m excited about during the storm that I’ll be featuring them until I run out).

After the Storm | Portsmouth Waterfront

As promised, today features two closer views of the Portsmouth waterfront under the beautiful and immense cloud formations from Thursday night’s storms.  The blue of the evening sky highlights the North Church steeple while the sunlight grazes one of the layers of clouds in the image below.  This was truly one of those rare afternoons where the natural beauty of sunset matched the allure of the waterfront.  Some of my favorite captures to date.