The Gundalow

The Gundalow Company is in the process of constructing a new gundalow on the grounds of Strawbery Banke.  The original gundalow has educated thousands of people about the vessel and its role and history in moving goods on the Piscataqua River to surrounding towns.  The existing gundalow, however, cannot serve as a floating classroom because it’s not up to modern safety standards because it is such a close replica to the ships of the previous era.  To address this – the Gundalow Company is constructing the boat seen above, so that it can bring people out on the water and sail as it was originally intended.

Strawbery Banke in the Fall

The grounds of Strawbery Banke in the fall might be one of the most perfectly New England scenes you could come across.  The rich colors of the grass, the homes, the trees and the sky combine for a sight worth stopping for, just as I did this morning not long after sunrise.

Winter at Strawbery Banke

Don’t worry – this is an image from last winter.  The snowstorm from this past weekend was a (painful) reminder of how close the cold and snowy days are on the horizon.  With that in mind…I was visiting my archives and found this shot of the grounds of Strawbery Banke that I love.  The rich wood textures make this shot for me. Hope you enjoy.

In the Yard

In this shot of Strawbery Banke, the grass finally makes its return after the snow melts away for the season.  I’ll never say never, so we may see more snow before the season’s out…but it would take quite a storm to cover the ground for a prolonged period again.  This little patch of grass is a welcome to spring for all those folks out there who need a bit of hope to get us through to warmer days.

I chose this spot for a few reasons, I loved the open grassy patch as well as the old clapboards on the opposing houses along with their competing windows.  The chairs on the wall at left add a nice human element, but also a sense of calm to the scene.

The Little Corner Store | Strawbery Banke

This little trip back in time to when the general store was in its heyday in Puddle Dock is courtesy of the Strawbery Banke Museum.  If you ever have the chance to visit the store during the museum’s season, be sure to stop in to admire the authenticity of all of the various elements inside.  Quite a fun voyage back to what it was like when my grandparents were kids, and when you could walk a few blocks to go buy candy for a penny at the local store. Strawbery Banke can be a quiet element in town – but with the recent news that an open air market could be coming to the grounds at the old Puddle Dock neighborhood and the constant beauty of the old historic homes on the grounds, this place is definitely a treasure to Portsmouth.

And of course a very Happy Birthday to my darling fiancee!

At Strawbery Banke

On what is probably the most rugged day of winter we’ve seen in quite some time (mostly due to the fact that at one point I overheard up to a total of 3 feet of snow by Thursday morning…and nobody is ready to mentally cope with more than a few more inches at this point)…I thought I’d revisit a shot from the summer with a nice warm sunset.  This is one of the buildings at Strawbery Banke.  I’ve always loved the contrasting red door and window panes against the rich blue of the clapboards.

The Chair | Strawbery Banke

The historic part of town known as Strawbery Banke, or formerly known as Puddle Dock, is chock full of historic homes and vibrant colors.  I had the great fortune to enjoy a stroll with fellow photographers Brian Matiash and Doug Levy around town, and we spent some time meandering through the gardens and old homes….more time than I’d spent in the area in a while.

It was refreshing to see things a bit differently and take the time to enjoy my surroundings – rather than trying to rush to the perfect spot to catch a sunset.  Sometimes it’s important to slow down and enjoy the things around you – and in this case, the gorgeous light on all of the buildings and grounds that we’re lucky to have so close to our downtown.

Springtime at Strawbery Banke

It has been a busy spring/summer for Strawbery Banke, I’m sure, with the visit of the Tall Ships over Memorial Day weekend and all of the in-season tourists and visitors that make their way into Portsmouth.  I snapped a few shots of this colorful evening on the grounds of Puddle Dock in the midst of the historic buildings.

Strawbery Banke in the Afternoon

Here’s a unique view of Strawbery Banke in this image taken last fall.  Everything was still green, and I still had my tilt-shift lens…so I went around experimenting, and found this shot that I’ve been waiting to share.  I love how the lens plays with the angles of objects, like the fence at the lower right corner – and the prominent roofline of the old home to the left.  The flag on the steps seals the deal for me, in this nostalgic feeling shot of the historic neighborhood.

The Fish Pier & Strawbery Banke in the Fall

Today’s post is dedicated to my very special mother and father.  Birthdays usually revolve around people getting gifts or wishing you congrats on being another year older, but I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Mom and Dad for getting together 28 years and 9 months ago today and deciding to have me.  Ever since then they have both been nothing but 1,000% supportive, caring, loving, thoughtful, insightful, funny, smart, willing to teach, willing to listen (all of this unconditionally) – and I always joke every year about making a point to thank them for going to such expense to make me – but I truly want them to know how incredible they are and how much it means to me that they’ve been the perfect parents for me in every way.  Thanks for the birthday – I love you guys!

Today’s shots are of the Commercial Fish Pier as seen from Prescott Park and Strawbery Banke during the fall with some lovely foliage.