Commercial Fishing Vessel & Tall Ship Gallery

At Portsmouth’s Commercial Fish Pier, there are typically a good amount of boats docked – above two are featured with their colorful hulls.  I’m fascinated by the equipment on the ships, most of which I have no idea as to its function – but thanks to Deadliest Catch – I feel like I have somewhat of an idea.

On Monday, after the dust settled from the Tall Ships festival – I went for a walk during lunch.  I got another chance to see the beautiful ships docked, without the mayhem of the crowds – and I also appreciated how many boats are typically docked at the Pier…it’s typically full of boats, and when the Tall Ships took their place – it became obvious how many & how big the commercial fishing boats are.  On Monday I saw a boat coming in to unload at La Cava’s Wharf – blasting some classic rock & enjoying the sun. It’s great to see the working waterfront continue on.

The ships were temporarily on the side of the Fish Pier opposite the Shipyard instead of their usual spot closer to Prescott Park.  Check out a small gallery from the Tall Ships festival in 2010 by clicking HERE.

Tall Ships 2010 | Commercial Fish Pier

The Tall Ships HMS Bounty & Privateer Lynx are in Portsmouth for the weekend, docked at the Commercial Fish Pier.  I love the old world look for the vessels in the shot above, I can imagine the scene looking exactly like this 200 years ago. Below is a shot of the Commercial Fish Pier before the arrival of the tall ships…interesting to see the juxtaposition of the old & new.

From the Piscataqua Maritime Commission’s website:

“This year we will welcome the tall ship HMS Bounty.  HMS Bounty was built in 1960 specifically for the movie “Mutiny On The Bounty” starring Marlon Brando. She is a historic replica of the original Bounty that took Captain Bligh and Lieutenant Christian halfway around the world to Tahiti, followed by Christian and some of the …crew staging the famous mutiny on the way back. Bounty is a 180 foot “fully rigged ship”, meaning a classic sailing vessel with three masts and all square sails. She carries up to 18 sails totaling 10,000 feet of canvas, and is armed with four 4-pound cannon.  Get more information on the HMS Bounty at

We also will welcome the tall ship “America’s Privateer” Lynx.  At the start of the War of 1812 America had only a 17 ship Navy, so private vessels were granted  “letters of marque” to prey on enemy shipping as privateers.  The original Lynx, a Square Topsail Schooner built in 1812 with four 6-pounder cannon and sharply raked masts, was designed for speed to avoid the British fleet blockading American ports.  Get more information on the Lynx at”

Tall Ships Arrive in Portsmouth 2010

The tall ships Lynx and the Bounty arrived a day early to their destination at the Commercial Fish Pier in the South End of Portsmouth.  On Thursday afternoon, the two tall ships that are visiting this year arrived ahead of schedule and sat docked at their new location at the commercial fish pier….they usually dock at the State Pier closer to the Middle Bridge (due to schedule conflicts this year, they are trying a new spot in the historic South End).  THE BOAT PARADE WILL BE AT 1PM ON FRIDAY MAY 28th!!

The ships looked beautiful docked at the pier – and made me realize how many commercial fishing vessels typically sit docked, and how large they actually are.  The tall ships, while huge, seem to leave a reasonable amount of empty dock space…which usually looks pretty full while the fishing boats are docked.

If you have a chance over the weekend, be sure to stroll through Prescott Park towards Peirce Island to check out the traditional sailing crafts.  I’d love to get out on one for a sail!

Portsmouth Tall Ships 2009

The Tall Ships parade is the first official event of the weekend, and features the 4 main tall ships coming from various homes along the east coast (read more here: SEACOASTONLINE).  I camped out on one of the piers at Prescott Park for a vantage point that featured the Memorial Bridge.  The parade is led by a fire boat, always a crowd pleaser, followed closely by the tallest of the four ships, the USCGC Eagle.  I took a tour of the Eagle, and will feature it in Sunday’s post – a massive boat with a fascinating history.

Visit the full gallery here:  FLICKR | Portmsouth Tall Ships 2009

Check back tomorrow for some interesting facts about the Eagle, and some visuals.