2012 New Hampshire Film Festival

New Hampshire Film Festival Poster

I’m very honored to be working with Zac and Nicole Gregg along with the whole Vital Design team on the 2012 New Hampshire Film Festival!  This year’s program cover will once again feature one of my images, the Portsmouth waterfront at night complete with a freighter unloading sand onto the Granite State Minerals terminal.  I can’t wait for this year’s event – which will start on Thursday October 11th and run through Sunday October 14th.

I also had the opportunity to work with on creating a unique billboard image to promote the festival on Route 1! Check out the awesome behind the scenes video.

Three Years at The Daily Portsmouth

Sometimes life gets so busy that you miss celebrating a milestone or an important date.

On June 1st, 2012, The Daily Portsmouth turned three years old.  Looking back, it’s been an amazing three years filled with gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, crazy New England Weather, new clients, publications, opportunities, disappointments, gallery shows, friends, family, and new friends. Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed visiting the site over the past three years, for your support and encouragement.  I’m looking forward to the years ahead!

This Old House

I wanted to give a little glimpse of the soon to be new HQ of The Daily Portsmouth.  This old Atlantic Heights home had original wallpaper and walking into the home was like stepping in to a time warp.  Stay tuned for more updates in the next few months.  I love Portsmouth because so many areas have such historic homes with fascinating backgrounds. The rich color of the wallpaper and floors together with some careful framing convey an interesting mood, complete with the random light from the unseen window behind the camera.

Layers | Water Bridge & Sky

I’ve been enjoying vertical compositions lately, with a visit to the archives uncovering a few shots I’d previously passed up.  This shot taken from Peirce Island features the Peirce Island Bridge with the Memorial Bridge close to its maximum lift height in the background.  I wonder what the new Memorial Bridge might look like from this spot with its new towers and new clean lines – at full height.  I hope the bridge is still visible from the various spots around town that you can spot the towers from now. 

The water and bridge elements under the textured clouds help make this one worth coming back to.

Historic Home Construction

I’m excited to share that the home office of The Daily Portsmouth will be moving! We’re in the process of renovating a historic home in Atlantic Heights that has kept us busy – but we are enjoying seeing how houses used to be made in the old days.  Atlantic Heights was originally built to house shipbuilders in World War I that were building freighters to bring goods over to Europe.  The war was over before the neighborhood was finished – and it’s had a storied history since then, and is now a great active community and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Stay tuned for periodic updates on our new home adventure – in the meantime, today’s image is from 2 weeks into the rehab project in one of the bedrooms.

A Rare Sunset | Happy 2nd Anniversary to The Daily Portsmouth

On a night marked by wicked storms throughout Massachusetts with tornadoes touching down – we were graced with a surreal sunset here in Portsmouth.  I was only out in the yard so I didn’t get too much in the way of exciting shots, but the sky and the beautiful spring trees speak for themselves.

I also want to share with everyone that this week has ushered in the 2nd anniversary of the inception here at The Daily Portsmouth.  Life’s been pretty busy lately, so I hope to get a retrospective up before the end of the week commemorating some of my favorite shots from the second year of photographs here at TDP.

Looking Back | Looking Forward

Two Thousand and Ten was an amazing year.  At every turn it seemed like there was another adventure, another opportunity, or another milestone to celebrate.  I got engaged to a wonderful woman.  I was part of two events at The Music Hall that celebrated photography, with one event dedicated to over 700 of my images of life in and around Portsmouth.  I placed my first prints in a gallery.  I reached more than of 500 posts.  I was commissioned.  I had an image featured as the banner for the 10th annual New Hampshire Film Festival and met some awesome people.  The Portsmouth Regional Hospital installed over 100 square feet of my canvas prints in their gorgeous new atrium.  I saw countless gorgeous sunsets, and even caught a few sunrises. So much cool stuff.

I captured incredible moments of my life, which I’m incredibly thankful to have experienced.  I wouldn’t be able to write this post if it wasn’t for so many of the amazing people who have found their way to the website and shared their kind words and feedback, and to so many more who offer support in every aspect of my life.  It was an amazing year…and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead in Two Thousand and Eleven.

This post features several of my favorite images from the past year….which included the Memorial Bridge drama, a bomb scare, a busy summer season, a recession, the return to construction on the Martingale Wharf building, among many many others.

Scene @ Five | The Daily Portsmouth

You are cordially invited for an exciting event on November 18th at historic The Music Hall in downtown Portsmouth!!  The Music Hall is a cultural treasure for the Seacoast and New Hampshire, and I’m proud to announce that I’m part of this month’s Scene @ Five event – it’s a two hour event starting at 5 in the gorgeous new lobby.  The night will start with some mingling as the lobby opens at 5, and at 5:30 we’ll take a look back at the last year and a half to see what things looked like here at The Daily Portsmouth.  In putting together the slideshow that will be shown, I’ve realized how many things have been in the process of changing throughout downtown, and how my shooting and photography has changed since things started back in June 2009.  I’m very excited about the event and hope that you can make it to say hello and check out The Music Hall (in case you haven’t seen it).  Thanks to everyone who continues to tune in and for all of the feedback from the great people I’ve been able to meet through my photographic endeavors.

There Will Soon Be A Mrs. Daily Portsmouth

I am very happy to announce to everyone that I spent a wonderful day in New York City on Friday with an amazing & lovely woman, Ms. Stephanie Cortes – out on assignment to capture some photos of the city.  I’m even more happy to announce that Ms. Stephanie Cortes will soon be Mrs. Stephanie Cohen….or as I’ve joked, Mrs. Daily Portsmouth!!

When we travel – we tend to do a cute & memorable photo like this in iconic places.  Without getting too far into the story, let’s just say it was a perfect day for a walk around the city to do some shooting…and a wonderful day for a great surprise.  Having grown up in/around NYC, the Brooklyn Bridge was a particularly special place for Steph – and one where we hadn’t done a shot yet.  We had done a test shot, that I pretended not to like and made her come review before suggesting taking another one.  In this photo (the second attempt), she had absolutely no idea what I was doing as her eyes were closed….I had her come back to check out the photo on the camera’s screen when she spotted something out of the ordinary….the rest is history.

Market Square Day 2010

What a difference a day makes.  The shot above was taken on Friday evening, a relatively quiet hour….especially compared to the crowds that were expected (and that arrived) on Saturday morning for the 33rd annual Market Square Day.  I think locals have a love/hate relationship with Market Square Day – it’s great exposure for the city and for those who invest in booths…but traffic gets seriously clogged and if you’re not in the mood for navigating crowds, it’s definitely not the kind of day to head into town.

This year, despite the drizzly morning, it seems like a lot of people showed up to see what it would be all about…with music playing in front of the North Church – and vendors of all kinds were doing their best to make sales & give stuff away to those who ventured out.  The shot below captures a flavor of the umbrellas and balloons etc. that seemed to be the theme of the day.