The Decks | Martingale Wharf

Nearly anyone who has ever spent time in the seacoast will agree that The Decks are one of Portsmouth’s unique attributes, with waterfront dining available to enjoy the view of a working waterfront.  It just so happens that the decks all have a gorgeous view towards the west, which typically has a magnificent view of sunset as the clouds & sky get interesting when the weather warms up.

This shot was taken from the deck of the Martingale Wharf, which was a bit quiet due to the temperature not climbing out of the 40s/50s quite yet – but in a month’s time, all the decks will be flooded with patrons from near and far. Despite the temp – we still enjoyed a quick afternoon snack/beer while we watched the sunset.

The Old Ferry Landing

The Old Ferry Landing is one of Portsmouth’s waterfront gems, with a front row seat to the waterfront activity and a great view of the tugboats.  During the winter, however, it’s one of the most quiet parts of town – often hammered by strong winds and snow drifts, always a few degrees colder than the rest of town (this usually makes for good shooting and quiet scenes).

Reflections of The Decks at Night

One of my favorite things to do in town has always been to enjoy a drink and a meal on the waterfront.  Not many places in this world get to enjoy a beautiful waterfront spot, with interesting industrial activity and a lively crowd.  In this image, the new Martingale Wharf building can be seen across the water from the Portsmouth Harbor Cruise dock.  You have to click this one to see it large.

Sunset from The Decks

The Decks are a great way to spend an afternoon, whether you’re eating, drinking, catching up with old friends, or making new ones.  It just so happens that the location of the sunset adds another dynamic to the scene each sunny evening, setting in the west somewhere near the salt piles, the tugboats or the bridges in the distance.  When you happen to enjoy a spectacular sunset and a freighter is out in the river, it makes for the perfect scene.  No freighter in this shot – I missed it by about an hour, but the sunset from The Decks was phenomenal all the same.

As Night Sets In on the Piscataqua

The spring and summer months provide a spectacular view of the sunset from Portsmouth’s Decks.  It’s always a fun place to have dinner or a drink when the weather is warm, especially with a front row seat to the beautiful sunsets we enjoy during the summer.  I obviously love to shoot the dramatic sunsets, but I don’t as often take the time to capture a night shot once the sun has set.  This dusk time shot features a freighter in port in the distance, the tugboats, a hint of daylight on the horizon, the Memorial Bridge cranes and the Middle and Piscataqua River bridges.

Tugboats and Clouds on the Piscataqua

A simple and moody shot of the famed Tugboats and The Old Ferry Landing as seen from The River House’s deck.  I’m eagerly anticipating the warm weather’s return so that I can eat food outside and enjoy this gorgeous waterfront spot.

Silhouettes and Light

My favorite part of this shot is the soft glow of the tugboats’ light on their maroon hull.  The long reflections of the Middle Bridge and the silhouettes of the cranes on the waterfront make this a subtle shot, and one that I think is powerful and beautiful because it doesn’t need any adjustments to bring more to the scene.

The Martingale Wharf

It has been finished.  After many years of starts and stops, the building has finally arrived in all of its waterfront glory.  Tenants include a few office users, and Portsmouth’s newest seafood restaurant, Surf Portsmouth.  The building has an expansive deck with an incredible view of the water, and I’m sure all tenants on the upper floors will appreciate the knockout views on the water side.  It’s wonderful to have our city street back intact on Bow Street, with a very cool staircase leading down to the waterfront.  I’d encourage you to check it out, or peek through the windows to see the lush finishes in the entryways – or stop in to Surf for a drink.  While the view of the water from Bow Street has disappeared from the old parking lots that once stood in the place of the Martingale, it’s looking infinitely better from the water side and from Kittery, where this shot was taken.