In the Blizzard | The Dolphin Striker

Another one of my favorite storefronts in Portsmouth – the wooden door of The Dolphin Striker nestled into the brick walkway beneath the deep red facade of the building at the corner of Market Street and Bow Street.  This shot was taken in the midst of the blizzard that struck in mid January, bringing the most fresh snow that the area had seen since the beginning of 2011.

At the Corner of Bow & Market

With all of the construction that’s been making its rounds throughout the city this summer, you may have missed a few of the changes.  Here’s a shot of the intersection of Market Street & Bow Street after the Market St. section has been repaved & re-striped.  You might’ve noticed something a bit funny about it as you’re driving home or waiting for pedestrians – that’s because the city moved the crosswalk to a slightly less treacherous location – which you can see next to the jagged yield line.  (It is also the street-level shot of the same area that was featured from above on July 11th.)

I love how the rowhouse building follows the contour of the street through the frame – but the coolest part of this photo to me is the fact that I finally noticed that it looks like Coca-Cola used to advertise on the side of the building.  I can make out a subtle “Coca” just above the Dolphin Striker’s awning – can you see it?

Today’s shot is another attempt at using the new neutral density filter…you’ll notice fewer people hanging out in the frame despite the dozens of people that were probably in and out in the moments the shots were snapped.  Still not the punch I’m looking for, but plenty of learning and tinkering to do…and plenty of tips to take from some of the seasoned folks in my treasured photography network!

At the Corner of Bow & Ceres Street

Today’s post features two views from the corner of Bow Street & Ceres Street.  The shot above features the view towards Market Street with The Dolphin Striker off to the right with its blue canopy, and the NJM Gallery to the left with its painted red bricks & bright blue trim around its colorful windows.  Below, the restaurant known as Two Ceres Street can be seen at the bottom of the staircase next to Izzy’s.  Though I’ve yet to stop in for dinner or drinks, I’ve heard great things about both – and something about a special “green drink”.

Please come visit tomorrow for a very special post and a beautiful photo of a new scene.

A Market Street Evening

Here’s another take on Market Street in the early evening during the fall….this one was taken with the tilt-shift that I rented for a week or so.  That’s what causes part of the image to be in focus while the rest of it has a softened blur…makes for an interesting feel in the scene.

At Market & Bow Street

Standing at the corner of Market Street and Bow Street will almost always result in some light streaks if you’re taking pictures at night – regardless of what day of the week, it’s one of the busiest corners in the city.  I love how it highlights the contours of Bow Street and the curving streets.  You can see Macroscopic, Macro Polo, Bliss, The Dolphin Striker, Poco’s, and the rest of the familiar stops along Bow Street. Still waiting for the perfect shot from this vantage, but this does it for me for the time being.

The Dolphin Striker

I finally made it to The Dolphin Striker for dinner this past weekend, as I was lucky to be treated to dinner (thanks babe :)).  We got a great seat by the window next to a model sailboat, where we could see everyone strolling up and down Bow Street.  The interior was just as warm and cozy as it looks from outside – as you can tell from the varying tones of the wood textures.  Although it looks quiet in this shot, the restaurant filled up quickly as the evening ran on.  As a quick plug for the restaurant, my meal was excellent and the wine was delicious.  It gets my official stamp of approval for an evening on the town.


The Dolphin Striker

The Dolphin Striker is one of the true institutions among Portsmouth restaurants and bars.  This shot captures the walkway as it was a couple weeks back, before the City began its Ceres Street improvement project.  The bricks have since been removed and large pieces of granite have been installed between the walkway and Bow Street.  From the looks of the progress, it’s going to be a much different feel to this corner (and hopefully safer too).  Check back for updates.