Inside the Red Door

Literally…this shot was inside The Red Door on State Street.  A tucked away spot in Portsmouth that you should try and check out for yourself sometime….I’ve previously featured the venue’s interior as well as its notorious door for which it’s named.  Here’s a bit of a different shot from the recent bridge and cityscapes…will return back to those on Sunday and next week!  I’ve also made an investment in a new toy, a Carl Zeiss 21mm….so far the clarity and the colors look to be promising and inspiring, eager to put it through its paces.

The Red Door on State Street

Consider this a preview of a series I’ll be embarking on in the next week or so…in which I’ll detail the nearly completed State Street improvement project.  This instantly recognizable door some (or remarkably unrecognizable for others) is located on State Street towards the Memorial Bridge and Prescott Park.  I’ve always enjoyed this nondescript yet withered door, and loved the play of light/shadow on it in the early afternoon sunlight.

At The Red Door

One of Portsmouth’s hidden night spots is The Red Door.  Many of you know what I’m talking about – and others probably have no idea (just as I didn’t back in the day).  The Red Door gets it namesake very simply from its entrance – a red door on State Street, right next to Dos Amigos.  When I’ve ventured up, it’s always been an interesting night – usually including a fancy cocktail of some sort and/or a beer.  I’m not ashamed to say that one of my favorites is the espresso martini (as a coffee addict it’s right up my alley).  The place has a definitively laid back feel and lounge style seating with its comfy couches. They have both live music and DJs hosting depending on the night of the week – stop up sometime to check it out.

Sunlight on the Red Doors

As I was walking around an afternoon last weekend, the sun decided to peek through the clouds before setting for the day.  I happened to be walking up Chapel Street at the time and caught the sun glinting off this set of red doors (but not the red door) that belong to Saint John’s Church at the top of the hill, and thought it was beautiful especially with all that glowing red brick.

It’s bell tower is another one of the cool features of Portsmouth’s skyline.

Bricks of Portsmouth

One of my favorite parts of walking around Portsmouth (mostly during lunch) is seeing the variety of different bricks amongst all the brick buildings in town.

Some are definitely very old bricks with a lot of character (see above), others have been painted over time and time again (see white bricks of Dos Amigos below along with the red door of The Red Door), with other brand new bricks aimed at matching the old style (just walk further down State Street or over to Congress Street).  All in all it makes for an interesting feel around town, to say the least.  The old rowhouses along Market Street have more awesome bricks, and near the salt piles and on Penhallow Street you’ll find some cool old advertising.