The Waterfront of Portsmouth

The brick row houses that line the waterfront of Portsmouth along Market Street and Ceres Street are immediately recognizable and easily one of my favorite vistas in Portsmouth.

Sunset Over the Tugboats

Today’s post features the Portsmouth waterfront once again, this time from the other side of the Moran Towing tugboats.  The sun had only a few minutes left before it was completely gone for the day.  The scene was pretty subtly lit and gorgeous…and it’s times like that when I never know whether the brackets (multiple exposures) that I capture will produce a shot worthy of posting or not.  I was pleased to find out that this combination of three shots happened to add some HDR magic to the scene, with a gigantic glowing orange orb…accentuating the setting sun and subtly lighting the tugs. I hope you enjoy…tomorrow I’ll be featuring more architecture.

This shot was taken from the deck of The River House, which continues to enjoy a great vantage point on the waterfront…and boy am I glad that spring is here, though I am pretty sure I would enjoy a few extra degrees of warmth.

Construction in the City | The River House & The Martingale Wharf

The River House is getting a facelift out back, with a new elevated deck being constructed on the 2nd story of the building (even with street level of Bow Street).  Also, the Martingale Wharf reconstruction continues as the steel is being erected in the place of the former original brick building (seen below).

Harpoon Willy's | Portsmouth, NH

The ceiling fan at Harpoon Willy’s is seen under an open blue sky earlier this winter with the green & white striped canvas in storage for the season.  Much to my pleasant surprise, I realized that two decks are sort of open for business.  The new upstairs heated deck at Poco’s is open according to a sign on Bow Street, and the deck at the River House was open for business today (St. Patrick’s Day) – probably thanks to the beautiful warm spring weather in the high 60s this afternoon.  Although the deck didn’t stay open after dusk (the outdoor lights aren’t yet working for the season) – it was a nice reminder of the warm afternoons to come.

I loved this angle of the ceiling at Harpoon Willy’s – in all my years in Portsmouth, I don’t think I’d ever realized that there was a ceiling fan here….above the ceiling fan you can see the skeleton of the Martingale Wharf building still under construction on Bow Street. Some locals tell me that the owners expect to have the new building complete with a restaurant open later this year during the fall….I’ll keep you posted on what I hear around town.

The Decks are Closed for Winter

The Decks are one of the busiest places in all of Portsmouth on a hot summer afternoon, but in the middle of December, they’re snow covered and quiet as the city continues with its improvement projects to the walkways and Ceres Street. Here’s a shot taken from the River House’s outdoor deck overlooking the Piscataqua River.  I like how you can still see some old ads that had been painted on the bricks of the buildings.

A Ceres Street Update

Despite being closed for the season, the Decks along the waterfront are still seeing plenty of activity. The first shot hints at the new drainage and stonework below – as seen in the 2nd shot. The River House’s deck (seen on the left) is now met by stonework with proper drainage instead of the old nasty (and usually wet) gravel. In the third shot you can see the new brick sidewalks and granite curbing in place along the backside of the Market Street rowhouses.

Bow Street By Day | Bow Street by Night

Bow Street ranks as one of my favorite places in the city.  It connects the Memorial Bridge to Market Street, with great restaurants (and decks on the water) lining the street as well as several local businesses, a theater, the Ale House Inn and the Martingale Wharf building (which is finally under construction and soon to be featured in a new post).  It’s not very friendly on the cars these days due to the construction, but it’s still a neat spot to take pictures.