Prescott Park

The garden in Prescott Park is a colorful, inviting and peaceful little spot tucked between Marcy Street and the open grounds of Prescott Park.  With fountains and wizened old trees, there aren’t very many (if any) places you’ll find downtown that have the same magical feel.

Trees in Prescott Park

I love how the tree winds around in the frame with its long trunk and wizened branches above.  With Prescott Park’s waterfront location – I don’t always take the extra few seconds to look around and enjoy the other things it has to offer like its gardens or these beautiful trees.

Prescott Park

Once again, Prescott Park and its gorgeous gardens are featured today.  This tree is one of several in the incredibly lush garden tucked in the middle of the park, right off of Marcy Street near the waterfront, and each tree is equally mesmerizing.  I had always been more familiar with the flowers and other things growing over towards Peirce Island Road and the anchor overlooking the commercial fishing fleet – but ever since I first stumbled into this section of the park, I’ve been blown away.  There are also gorgeous fountains that get turned on sometime in the near future.  This little slice of earth is definitely one of my favorites.

The Tree on The Hill

This tree sits atop the hill near City Hall in Portsmouth.  In the distance, the North Church and the Piscataqua River Bridge can be seen glowing in the late afternoon sunlight.  I’ve been hugely influenced lately by a classic large format photographer, Joel Meyerowitz.  After picking up a couple of Joel’s classics, I’m now smitten with the atmosphere and mood and natural colors presented in a scene.  This shot is a step in that direction, as no heavy processing could truly capture the softness of the blue sky and the contrasting rich orange sunlight against the detail of the tree in the foreground.  It definitely helped having a piece of glass that can truly render the subtleties of the gorgeous color and detail, thanks Zeiss!

Sunrise from Peirce Island

Here is another shot from sunrise on Saturday morning this past weekend.  Even though the forecasts called for clear skies…we were gifted with some interesting clouds that continued to change through the early morning light.

This shot was taken from the Peirce Island boat ramp, which is one of my favorite places to shoot from…and one of my favorite shots.  Even though getting up for sunrise is easily one of the crazier things I’ve done…it’s right in line with the early morning crew practices I used to do without hesitation – and I’m often rewarded with a decent shot or two, and the satisfaction that I got up to do something meaningful (even if it’s only meaningful to me).

Tree in Blossom | Wentworth by the Sea

Today’s photo is another shot taken at the Wentworth by the Sea resort in New Castle, NH.  I wanted to get up close to capture the overwhelmingness of this tree doing its thing in the spring….with bright vibrant leaves sprouting & dropping off its limbs, with branches growing in seemingly every direction.  I think it’s gorgeous..and it’s a bit different than my typical architecture/scenery type stuff, so I hope you enjoy the bit of variety!

Springtime | Prescott Park

Prescott Park is one of the most visited places in town, and one of the most photographed – particularly by yours truly.  You can find people fishing off the pier closest to the Memorial Bridge, you can find folks playing frisbee in the grass, or enjoying a summer concert.  This particular evening, the trees were just starting to bloom, and had some gorgeous pink/red hues.  This was from the same evening that featured this post.  More Aspen posts to follow over the next few days…check back for some mountains, altitude and sunsets.

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