Trees in Prescott Park

The little section of Prescott Park where the fountains are hidden is full of vibrant flowers and wizened trees.  Each of these trees has a ridiculous amount of personality, and everytime I walk through this little nook near the waterfront I find myself checking out something new.  It’s nice to still have so much color and the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, before winter starts to take hold on the seacoast.

Trees at Great Island Common

Early in the spring, the trees began to regain their color and personality that they lost in the fall.  Buds began appearing – and the trees here along the coast in New Castle at Great Island Common enjoy their waterfront view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Springtime in the Seacoast

It’s a beautiful time of year. Spring has officially sprung and a few warm days have finally shown up here on the seacoast.  This beautiful tree on the grounds of the Wentworth By The Sea grand hotel in New Castle is just mesmerizing.  I love the colors of the leaves along with the natural color of the grass and bark.

Signs of Spring | From City Hall

A view of Portsmouth from the hill at City Hall…the sun was setting just as I was heading in for a meeting, and I was just struck by the beautiful sunlight.  The Portsmouth Middle School can be seen to the left of the frame, with the steeple of the North Church closer towards the center of the frame…but the part of the image that I love is the pair of trees in bloom at the bottom of the hill.

Below is a shot of a similar tree in bloom just outside of work…where the clouds were pretty intense (but not threatening rain).

The Portsmouth Skyline in the Spring

The Portsmouth skyline, while modest in terms of cities, will always be a stunning sight to me.  Here you can see some of the low growth vegetation on the shore in Kittery, Maine across the Piscataqua River from Portsmouth’s waterfront.  They’re a bit eerie and orange, which is due to the orange lighting from underneath the Middle Bridge.  The familiar skyline sports the North Church (and its white reflection), the Memorial Bridge off to the left, and the State Pier off to the right.

Below you can see some buds on a tree with the Custom House in the background along with the North Church.