Twilight at the Commercial Fish Pier

After a subtle sunset on Thursday evening I went for a walk around the South End.  I strolled up onto the bridge to see what light might be lingering over the water and the commercial fishing fleet that makes its home at the Commercial Fish Pier.  It was a gorgeous evening with some nice blues and a hint of pink in the sky.

I was so impressed with the Carl Zeiss 18mm lens that I rented last time, that I rented it again before a trip into New York City on Saturday.  The colors are so rich and the scenery so sharp that I had to see what it could do in some new scenes.  I’ll be featuring more Zeiss shots through the next week….hope you enjoy!

Sunset at the Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion

One of my favorite places to visit on a warm summer evening is the Wentworth-Coolidge mansion on the waterfront of Portsmouth’s back channel.  It’s almost always delightfully quiet….with the gorgeous colors of a sunset and the rich colors of the grass and the home – it’s rarely a disappointing stop.  The little boat on the mooring added another element to the shot – and the Wentworth By The Sea is peeking out from the trees in the distance.