Freighter in the Rain

The afternoon this shot was taken happened to be one of those perfectly timed opportune moments.  I had just filled up on gas over on Islington Street and was heading towards the Congress/Middle/Islington/Maplewood intersection and happened to see the bridge span lifted all the way to the top (a rare occasion in the summer, particularly as high as it was).

I decided that instead of heading directly home, I ought to head up State Street towards Prescott Park to see if there might be some interesting nautical traffic.  I happened to be in luck, and this massive beauty was just approaching the Memorial Bridge…and this girl must have been as interested in catching a glimpse of the boat as I was – since she ran all the way to the end of the pier to watch and enjoy the view.  The umbrella with the cloud cover along with the bright ship made for a beautiful shot.  Here’s another version below with an antique processing/feel – which do you like better?

The River House Deck

The River House is the newest addition among Portsmouth’s Decks, replacing the former Stockpot. This is a late evening summer scene with a freighter docked at the Portsmouth pier and the tugboats in the background as well.  I love the various dynamics of the people having dinner, etc. here – hope you do too.  A shot of the front of the building from Bow Street here: RIVER HOUSE and a view of the deck from across the water here:  RIVER HOUSE DECK.

I know that there are plenty of mixed emotions around town about The Stockpot’s exit and how it came about – but at the end of the day, the River House is the new tenant on the waterfront, it still has a beautiful view.

*UPDATE: 2009 was an excellent year for The River House, I became somewhat of a regular for the delicious menu, the beautiful view, the good service, and the cozy atmosphere. Looking forward to the return of warm weather in 2010 and the improvements made to the alley that accesses the decks of the waterfront.