Lower Falls | Yellowstone National Park

Today’s shot features the Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River (I’ll feature a wider-angle shot of the canyon sometime soon).  This spot was incredible – we were up at an overlook perched just over a corner of a bend in the river.  Standing there and taking in the view was like watching the earth develop over a few thousand years.

When we first arrived we actually saw a bear climbing down the right side of the valley – which was just insane.  I can’t believe there is a creature on the planet that just saunters around terrain like that….it made it about halfway down the canyon before climbing back up towards the top of the cliff wall.  The Lower Falls is the tallest (at 308 feet it’s almost twice as high as Niagara) with the largest volume waterfall in the Rocky Mountains.  It was quite peaceful and mindblowing standing and taking it all in (along with 20 other photographers armed with ridiculously nice equipment).  For a photographer, Yellowstone was really like being a kid in a candy store.

Trap Falls | Willard Brook State Forest

It was a beautiful weekend, and while home in Massachusetts for the day on Sunday my Dad and I decided to go see how Trap Falls was looking.  This waterfall in Ashby, MA near Willard Brook State Forest is usually comprised of three streams of water coming down the rocks.  We timed this visit perfectly, as there was still snow in the area and the recent rains made sure that the falls were much stronger than usual.  I had a great time shooting my first waterfall… looking forward to future adventures.  Video to follow later today.


Trap Falls from Philip Cohen on Vimeo.