Wentworth By The Sea at Dusk

The Wentworth By The Sea grand hotel sits on the shore of the Piscataqua River and the Atlantic Ocean in New Castle, NH.  The gorgeous historic building basks in the glow of the late fall light.  The Wentworth Marina can be seen in the foreground with its warm weather seasonal visitors mostly gone for the year.

The Wentworth By The Sea

Another one of the New Hampshire Seacoast’s gems is the Wentworth By The Sea Hotel located on the shores of New Castle.  This once dilapidated structure now stands tall over the water with its bright red roof and white clapboards, with its marina completing its transition from building to water.

The Entrance to The Wentworth By The Sea

A warm, inviting entrance to a grand hotel.  The pavers and the covered entrance to the Wentworth By the Sea make guests feel stately and at home as they arrive to check in.  The scene takes on a different feel in the evening, more cozy than the clean and stately white lines of the architecture during the day, though it’s elegant in all settings.

A Portrait of The Wentworth By The Sea

The Wentworth By The Sea is one of the truly majestic hotels in New England.  This beauty sits atop a hillside that overlooks Newcastle, the Atlantic Ocean, and is a close distance to a ton of my favorite places to shoot.  The building is gorgeous with its distinct red roof, and is true to its origins with its luxurious renovations that saved it from severe disrepair not long ago. This close up and the ridiculous amount of detail is courtesy of the Hasselblad H4D-31 that I demoed earlier in the year.

Springtime in the Seacoast

It’s a beautiful time of year. Spring has officially sprung and a few warm days have finally shown up here on the seacoast.  This beautiful tree on the grounds of the Wentworth By The Sea grand hotel in New Castle is just mesmerizing.  I love the colors of the leaves along with the natural color of the grass and bark.

On the Shore

This is another experiment in long exposures…a single shot of about 2 minutes and 20 seconds….a familiar scene with the Wentworth by the Sea hotel in the distance hiding behind the trees, as seen from the shore of the Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion on Portsmouth’s back channel.  The little patches of rocks and the muted colors of a grey morning are nice elements, with a subtle softness to an otherwise boring (but pretty) scene.

Also – thanks to all the people who helped make this weekend a very special birthday weekend…I am so appreciative of all the wonderful, supportive, awesome people in my life.