Lounging at The Wentworth

The grounds of the Wentworth By The Sea are gorgeous.  I was back in this neck of the woods this afternoon, so decided to see if I could find some new things to snap shots of.  Despite being here numerous times before, I never wander too far from the bottom of the hill where I’ve captured a few shots of the hotel that I have really liked.  I stumbled across these adirondack chairs that I’m sure have been there for a very long time, but until this afternoon I hadn’t ever seen them – and today I could definitely appreciate the luxury they provide to those who plop down in them to relax for a few.  Looking forward to when I can unwind in one of these!

Tree in Blossom | Wentworth by the Sea

Today’s photo is another shot taken at the Wentworth by the Sea resort in New Castle, NH.  I wanted to get up close to capture the overwhelmingness of this tree doing its thing in the spring….with bright vibrant leaves sprouting & dropping off its limbs, with branches growing in seemingly every direction.  I think it’s gorgeous..and it’s a bit different than my typical architecture/scenery type stuff, so I hope you enjoy the bit of variety!

Portsmouth in Bloom | Market Square & The Wentworth

As spring proves to us that it’s still only April, with some rain/hail/snow this week – I thought I’d share a shot of the gorgeous flowers planted in Market Square and at the Wentworth By The Sea.  Each shot was taken in very different circumstances, with the shot above taken in Wednesday evening’s rain – and the shot below taken during a subtle sunset last week.  Landscaping is back in style!  Time to get to work on my yard…

The Wentworth By The Sea | Spring 2010

The Wentworth By The Sea is a beautiful architectural gem of the seacoast, located in New Castle, NH.  The structure, originally built in 1874, and later bought by the brewing magnate Frank Jones and expanded in 1879. Above is one of the gorgeous trees on the property in bloom this spring, while below you can see the structure sitting prominently on the top of the hill.

The Wentworth By The Sea | New Castle, NH

Today features another view of the Wentworth By The Sea.  Shot in the Fall of 2009, it features pumpkins and some fall decor…but the well manicured grounds still boast green grass and vibrant plant life.  I’m looking forward to seeing the return of the lush grass with the return of spring.

I tried something new with this shot and love how the beautifully restored building seems to pop off of the muted sky.  Below is a more dramatic and surreal shot from the same time of year…an interesting contrast to the more natural look above.

The Wentworth Marina

The Wentworth Marina seemed a bit quiet on this afternoon.  After driving around during the fleeting daylight (and visiting the Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion), I decided to park and have a quick run up the Route 1B bridge to try and catch some of the gorgeous sunlight on the boats in the Wentworth Marina.  This is the first shot I’ve posted of the marina – which is next door to the luxurious Wentworth by the Sea resort. Below I thought I’d share a fresh take on the Wentworth By The Sea (as seen in the reflection on my back window/trunk). The shot below is almost entirely unprocessed, the light was just that beautiful.

The Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion

The Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion was built by Royal Governor Benning Wentworth (visit SeacoastNH.com for a great history). The sprawling yellow colonial home is situated on an inlet of Portsmouth Harbor.  This was the first trip that I’d made to the landmark, hoping to get a few good shots of the striking yellow home.  I liked the old New England feel of the architecture, and I was just as fascinated with the giant anchor near the waterfront.  (In the shot below, you can almost see the Wentworth by the Sea hotel in the crop of trees across the inlet).

The first time I heard the story of the home was during a ride on Portsmouth Harbor Cruises.  The captain told a story about how in the old days of NH, folks traveled significant distances to visit the Governor – and since he had a penchant for entertaining, in order to let his guests enjoy their visits he continued to add on to the house so there would be enough room for everyone to stay overnight (the final tally stands at 40 rooms).

Also – don’t forget to support the Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra by attending their Benefit Concert for the people of Haiti, which takes place this evening at 8pm (following a silent vigil in Market Square at 7:30pm).

Winter at The Wentworth By the Sea

Here’s a colder take on the Wentworth by the Sea, which I’d previously posted with some fall decor, which you can see here: Wentworth with Pumpkins and a more eerie shot here: A Wentworth Evening.

This grand hotel is one of the treasures of the seacoast now that it has been carefully restored from its decrepit stint during the 1990s.  Let me know if you have photos prior to the restoration you’d like to share.

The Wentworth By The Sea (Revisited)

I had such a tremendous response on the last photo I posted of the Wentworth By the Sea in New Castle, NH that I wanted to share another shot from that evening.  Not quite as vibrant as the last one, but a beautiful shot of a beautiful hotel nonetheless. Many thanks to all for their great feedback!

The Wentworth By The Sea | New Castle, NH

The Wentworth By The Sea is one of the seacoast’s true historic gems.  Originally opened for business in 1874, this grand hotel still stands perched atop the oceanside overlooking Portsmouth Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean.  The hotel nearly saw the end of its life in the 1980s and 1990s before a local group undertook a Herculean effort to save and restore the property.  The massive structure, originally designed and constructed to model the elegant ocean liners of its day, remains striking (at least to me) and as a tribute to the history of the region.

Local Seacoast historian J. Dennis Robinson recently wrote a book on the property’s history, which can be purchased locally in downtown Portsmouth at River Run Bookstore or online at Amazon.  Read more about the hotel at historichotels.org.