Textures of The Waterfront

In this early morning shot of The South End from the Peirce Island Bridge, there are a few elements that make this one memorable for me.  The subtle ripples of the windswept water and the smooth and wispy clouds in the sky compliment the man made structures that anchor the waterfront.

Old New England at the Wentworth-Gardner

The story behind the impressive Wentworth-Gardner mansion that stands opposite the waterfront in the South End is a cool one.  Head over to the Wentworth-Gardner’s website to learn more.  I’m very pleased to be part of an opening happening in June that will highlight the history and beauty of the home.  The craftsmanship of the home is incredible, and the moment you step inside the structure, you’re instantly transported back in time.  I highly recommend making a point to check this out sometime this summer once its open house hours return.

Reflections & Rooftops

Digging back once again through the archives and finding some stuff that I really like – and approaching it with a fresh eye and a different mindset on processing.  It’s brought some refreshing clean light to the homes along the waterfront in the south end in this shot from the fall of 2009.  It seems like eons ago in my photographic adventure….and I’m glad I took the time to venture back.  Hope you all enjoy…stay tuned in over the weekend for a couple fresh scenes never before featured here at The Daily Portsmouth!

Inside the Wentworth-Gardner House

A few months back I did an interior shoot for the Wentworth-Gardner House located in Portsmouth’s South End.  The home will be opening soon (June 14th – see hours HERE).  One of the neat features of the Georgian-style home was this mural painted on one of the interior walls.  The sea-colors of the deep blues and stormy purples make for a nice scene, and I thought the door within a door along with the various light sources made for a unique shot.  You’ll have to stop in and check it out sometime this summer.