The Path to the Lake

I love a good sun flare.  I’m pretty sure all of the photography purists out there cringe at all the imperfections and how it ruins a shot – but there’s something about an image like this that just makes you squint a bit, and I think in a good way.  The morning sunlight was so rich and saturating.

This shot came out exactly how I had hoped…..after waking up to shoot the sunrise over Yellowstone Lake, I was walking back towards the lodge for breakfast when I decided to turn one last time back towards the lake.  I wanted to catch the scene after I realized how great the grass looked in front of me – and when I turned around, it was blindingly bright but the little path I took to get to the water and the lonely tree made for an interesting shot.

The Grand Prismatic & The Falls

Water is the source of life on this planet.  Today’s featured shots are of very different natural water features.  Above, the Grand Prismatic of the Midway Geyser Basin (and the largest hot spring in the United States)….features a boiling opening in the earth’s crust…while the shot below is of a massive natural waterfall known as the Firehole Canyon Falls, where immense amounts of cool water cascade over a cliff to a pool below.  It’s pretty awesome that Yellowstone has such a range of beautiful subjects, all natural and fascinating to experience.  BE SURE TO CLICK EACH PHOTO TO VIEW IT LARGE!