Beneath the Pier

Today’s post is a return to the gorgeous summer sunset captured last weekend during my trip along the Maine coastline.  This is another take on the pier that jets out into the Piscataqua River from Fort Foster in Kittery, Maine.  A lovely piece of coastal construction – the pier presents an insane amount of opportunity for shooting.  I’ve always enjoyed the symmetry in a scene – with this pier’s underbelly being the perfect example of a mesmerizing and interesting pattern….that ultimately supports such a long structure.  The sun soaked evening light helped to make this scene a memorable one for me.

Check out the previous post of the Pier for another take on the scene.

Market Square | Then & Now

Today’s post features the focal point of Portsmouth (on land anyway…).  Market Square is probably the busiest area by square foot in all of the city….with outdoor cafes, window shoppers, outdoor benches, not to mention a pretty ridiculous intersection with cars coming from Daniel Street, Pleasant Street and Market Street.  I wanted to feature this vibrant spot with people going about their business, walking, driving, browsing…and also wanted to show what this hopping place looked like back in the day of horse & buggy carriages.  Fortunately I was able to locate this shot below.  You can clearly make out the Athenaeum, the Alie Jewelers building, the Market Square Jewelers building…the Daniel Street intersection, and of course Market Street itself.  I plan to have a few more of these Then & Now posts for everyone to enjoy.

The modern day Market Square shot was a 3-exposure composition….with a fair amount of movement between the three shots.  The software that I use for the exposure blending (Photomatix) now has a feature that lets you select areas of movement – so that you can pick the best image and freeze the motion to the one frame.  It makes for a beautiful shot and a more realistic appearance.  Hope you enjoy!

Waterfront Vistas

Today I’ll feature two photos – taken mere minutes apart, with a feel so different that you might not believe they were both taken on the same planet (nevermind on the same beach a few feet away).

The first photo was shot later in the evening once the sun had nearly fully retreated for the day.  The photo below was taken earlier in the evening, as I was struck by the interesting patterns the outgoing tide was creating in the sand.  It was a gorgeous night with all sorts of great colors in the sky and a nice serene feeling, which I think you can get in each photo despite their drastically different results.

In the Blockhouse | Fort McClary

Fort McClary was one of the military’s defensive fortifications (primarily throughout the 19th century) along the Atlantic Coastline, and is located in Kittery Point on the Maine side of the Piscataqua River.  The site is gorgeously located at the top of a hill, now overlooking a marina of some sort – creating a serene waterfront view.

I decided to venture up into the cool blockhouse that was built in the 1880s (and has since been renovated) before heading up to Fort Foster for sunset.  The blockhouse is pretty awesome, and I stumbled upon this beauty of a scene…with the cannon mounted in the window (and coincidentally aimed directly at a peaceful sailboat).  Loved the visit here… and got some beautiful shots that might make an appearance here at The Daily Portsmouth.  Thanks for visiting and Happy September!

Twilight at the Commercial Fish Pier

After a subtle sunset on Thursday evening I went for a walk around the South End.  I strolled up onto the bridge to see what light might be lingering over the water and the commercial fishing fleet that makes its home at the Commercial Fish Pier.  It was a gorgeous evening with some nice blues and a hint of pink in the sky.

I was so impressed with the Carl Zeiss 18mm lens that I rented last time, that I rented it again before a trip into New York City on Saturday.  The colors are so rich and the scenery so sharp that I had to see what it could do in some new scenes.  I’ll be featuring more Zeiss shots through the next week….hope you enjoy!

Fort Stark | New Castle, NH

I was out riding my road bike over the weekend, and decided to visit a couple streets that I hadn’t been on in a few years.  I meandered down Wild Rose Lane in New Castle after spotting the sign for Fort Stark, saying it was open for the afternoon.  I decided to investigate….the fort played a fairly critical role in the Seacoast’s military history through the wars of the 20th century….and the “Ordnance Machine Shop” seen in the photo above featured a cool map with lights depicting various guns at the forts in NH/ME/MA from Cape Ann in Rockport, MA all the way north to Biddeford, ME…including how far their various weapons could fire out into the ocean to deter enemies.

Pretty darn cool to see some of the working history of the New England seacoast. One of the coolest parts was the gun propped in the middle of the Machine Shop that had formerly been fixed onto one of the cement columns overlooking the harbor at Fort Stark.

Latitudes | Wentworth Marina

As I’ve posted recently – the Wentworth Marina is a place where you can see yachts that are ridiculously large – see a gorgeous sunset, and enjoy a delicious meal with a view.  Latitudes is perched just over the Wentworth Marina and is a great spot in New Castle to enjoy a meal out on a deck away from the throngs in downtown Portsmouth in case you’re in the mood for something a bit more laid back.

A Great Island Sunset | Whaleback Light

New Hampshire has the nation’s smallest coastline of any state with an oceanfront location.  That doesn’t mean it lacks for anything – this shot taken from Great Island Common in New Castle depicts the state’s simple coastal beauty. The sun was setting at my back when I was snapping this shot, casting a soft glow on the horizon and over Whaleback Lighthouse off in the distance.

I though the rock formations were pretty cool and made for some interesting movement in the frame.

Lounging at The Wentworth

The grounds of the Wentworth By The Sea are gorgeous.  I was back in this neck of the woods this afternoon, so decided to see if I could find some new things to snap shots of.  Despite being here numerous times before, I never wander too far from the bottom of the hill where I’ve captured a few shots of the hotel that I have really liked.  I stumbled across these adirondack chairs that I’m sure have been there for a very long time, but until this afternoon I hadn’t ever seen them – and today I could definitely appreciate the luxury they provide to those who plop down in them to relax for a few.  Looking forward to when I can unwind in one of these!