A Timeless Scene at The Fish Pier

Another image from the familiar scene at Portsmouth’s Commercial Fish Pier in the South End.  Looming in the background is the North Church and to the far left you can spot The Music Hall’s theater roofline.  I decided to take a more classic approach to this scene, as I imagine it hasn’t changed much in the past few decades.

South End Rooftops

One of the areas in Portsmouth that has undergone the most change is the South End.  This picturesque part of town used to be one of the seediest areas along the waterfront, hard to imagine with so many perfectly manicured homes.  I love the rooftop advertising on this waterfront building, along with the layers of homes along the shore, the clocktower of the former Children’s Museum location, complete with a municipal water pumping station hidden in plain sight amongst it all.

The Fish Pier


This is another of my favorite waterfront destinations in Portsmouth – the commercial fish pier.  Portsmouth’s parks and incredible access to the waterfront are one of my favorite parts of this season, when the sun sets later and the temperatures are inviting enough to enjoy a walk late in the day without bundling up too much.

Towers | The New Memorial Bridge

Construction continues at a fast pace on the new Memorial Bridge.  Both towers now stand equally tall, with the current work focused on completing the electrical and mechanical aspects of the construction. In a few months, you’ll likely be walking or driving over the new streamlined structure noticing its many details.

One thing I’ve noticed so far is that the bridge takes on an entirely different look depending on the angle and position you’re looking at it from.  Sometimes I love the appeal of the new structure, and sometimes I truly miss the elegant and curved lines of the old bridge.


The Portsmouth Waterfront After The Storm

After an intense afternoon of thunderstorms, the Portsmouth skyline is sandwiched between beautiful clouds and their reflections in the PIscataqua River. The North Church and the Memorial Bridge are visible in the distance.

Towers | Memorial Bridge

The new Memorial Bridge is nearly complete, anticipated to open in a mere 3 months.  Here is an image I took on a gorgeous morning as the sun rose to the east of the old Memorial’s tower abutments. I’ll miss the curves and the architectural interest of this historic gem.


Along The Coast in Rye

After checking out the Sunken Forest in Rye, I took the long way home and drove along the coastline.  As I drove back, these awesome clouds continued to form and move over the ocean just off the shoreline – and when I got to one of my favorite spots, I had to stop to take a few shots.  I never get sick of the natural beauty we get to enjoy here on New Hampshire’s seacoast.

Revitalizing The Rosa


The renaissance on State Street continues with the recent acquisition and renovation of The Rosa.  The Rosa has long been a fixture in Portsmouth’s ever-changing restaurant scene since its doors opened in 1927.

I’m excited to see what the fresh take on the restaurant and the space will be, it’s been fun watching the progress made on the structure inside so far.