Character | The Commercial Fish Pier

The Commercial Fish Pier in Portsmouth is loaded with character.  On our way back to the dock after a sunset sail out on the Gundalow, this blue hulled boat caught my eye.  These boats and their fishermen head out day in and day out and navigate the waters of the Atlantic and the Piscataqua so we can enjoy fresh seafood. What a beautiful thing.

The Fish Pier


This is another of my favorite waterfront destinations in Portsmouth – the commercial fish pier.  Portsmouth’s parks and incredible access to the waterfront are one of my favorite parts of this season, when the sun sets later and the temperatures are inviting enough to enjoy a walk late in the day without bundling up too much.

Commercial Fish Pier In The Fog

One late morning in mid-October, the fog began to roll in.  The fall seems to be a fruitful time of year for dynamic weather and drastic swings in temperature….which usually leads to great opportunities for photos.  I decided to head towards the South End to see what Peirce Island was looking like, and couldn’t help but to stop and capture the rugged peacefulness of the commercial fish pier.

Rainy Day at the Fish Pier

During a rainy day in Portsmouth, I decided to go for a walk through Prescott Park.  It had been a very long time since I went on a stroll to take photos.  Lately I’ve found myself shooting based on where I happen to be, without setting out to take photos.  I decided to take a panoramic shot of the fish pier – be sure to click this one to see it large.  The fleet is quiet late in the day, but this will all change in a matter of hours when sunrise rolls around at the beginning of a new day.

Quiet at The Commercial Fish Pier

Not much snow remained on the Commercial Fish Pier on this particular evening.  The scene is quiet in the evening hours with all the ships docked and at rest, before the captains head out in the pre-dawn mornings to find their catch.  We’re all familiar with the picturesque side of the Fish Pier, but I wanted to feature the working aspect of it – reminding all of us that while the boats are lovely to look at, they also serve a vital purpose to our local economy.