On Market Street

The wide brick sidewalks on Market Street are one of Portsmouth’s beloved and inviting features.  Many retail shops line the streets, and in this shots one of my favorite spots – Three Graces Gallery – can be seen mid frame.

View From Above | Piscataqua River

There are some views that are just hard to imagine until you see them.  This shot from the balcony of The One Hundred Club captures the view up river of the Piscataqua on a relatively quiet summer evening.  The salt piles and a crane can be seen, along with the Middle Bridge and the Piscataqua River Bridge further in the distance.

Rolling Waves at Rye Beach

As summer vacations come to a close, I wanted to capture the essence one of the things that makes the summers so mesmerizing.  I can remember as a little kid being fascinated by the ocean and the non stop waves that kept rolling onto shore.  The late afternoon sun at Pirates Cove in Rye together with the clear crisp water made for a perfect representation of the ocean water, one of summer’s purest elements.

Corporate Installation

One of the best parts of my passion for photography is working with people who are as excited about the images as I am.  I recently had the opportunity to work with the team at Medtronic at Pease to bring some art into their beautiful corporate lobby.  This image is one of the walls that is now adorned with 6 foot tall canvases.


The Back Channel of the Piscataqua River carries water out to the Atlantic Ocean, and provides more opportunities for waterfront adventures.  This serene scene as seen from Route 1B captures a pier with some kayaks and some moored boats in the river, and feels perfectly New England to me.

Asphalt Eagle | Piscataqua Profiles

The latest edition of Profiles on the Piscataqua features two gentlemen on the Asphalt Eagle freighter from Greece.  I really loved the moment captured between these fellas, I can only imagine the conversation they might be having.