Freighter at High Tide in Hurricane Sandy

Today’s image is a quiet scene at high tide on Monday before the brunt of Sandy’s wind gusts arrived. The freighter looks as though it might float into the alley or into The Oar House’s deck.

Wentworth Coolidge Mansion

The rich yellow color of this historic home when paired with the red shingles on its roof make this icon one of the Seacoast’s most distinguishable along the Piscataqua River’s back channel.  The Wentworth Coolidge Mansion belonged to the state’s first Royal Governor, who served in the mid 1700s.  The rooflines help to tell the story of the additions and how large this home actually is.

Market Street View

After the sun retreats and before night sets in, there’s this magic time of day that photographers like to call the blue hour.  This particular evening, following a nice cloudy afternoon, the storefronts on Market Street were illuminating the sidewalk and the colors of the buildings complimented the rich blue evening sky in a way that I had to shoot.  A simple glimpse of an evening strolling down Market Street.

At The Music Hall

Another year at the New Hampshire Film Festival has come and gone, tons of great films, great people, good fun, food & drink – all in all a great weekend for Portsmouth and those who came out.  Today’s shot was taken just before the closing ceremonies in the historic Music Hall.  I always love this lighting setup and the way that the ceiling is illuminated.

Congratulations to all of those who made it happened, especially Vital Design, Zac and Nicole Gregg and the dedicated team!  I was once again honored to take part in the festivities and provide a photo for the branding and pretend I was a paparazzi for the weekend.