A Grey Afternoon on Peirce Island

This is another take on the classic South End vista as seen from Peirce Island on a grey afternoon.  Only a few moments later, the sun broke through the clouds and created a soft glow in the sky after it sank below the horizon.  Thanks to my friend and fellow local photographer, the incredibly talented Adam Woodworth, I made it a point to get out to see what the sky might hold for the end of the day. While I didn’t come away with anything exceptional, it was great to get out and shoot with someone that is inspirational and helps keep me motivated to pursue the beauty around us.

From The Deck of Osogovo

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with freighters that navigate the Piscataqua River.  I had the opportunity to shoot from the deck of Osogovo, which was recently in port and unloading salt at the Granite State Minerals terminal on Market Street.

Lights on the New Memorial Bridge

The lights on the new Memorial Bridge add an interesting dynamic to the modern structure.  The community came together and raised the funds necessary to install these versatile lights, which illuminate the bridge at dusk each night. I love the right lighting on the staircases and some of the blues and greens on the structure.  I can’t wait until all the cranes have left the scene and our new bridge is finally left to stand in all its glory over the Piscataqua River.